Weird Science: Splice and Human Centipede Trailers

Trailers are my next favorite thing from seeing the actual movies. Snippets of scenes, dramatic music and then end always wants you craving more. Recently I’ve seen the newly released trailers for Splice and Human Centipede: First Sequence. And guess what? (chicken butt) ….. You get to see them too! Score! 

A few months ago during the Sundance Film Fest, I heard about this little movie called Splice and how interesting it was. I didn’t read any spoilers but I hear the ending is pretty fucked up and unsettling. I’m not much for hype but I’m definitely intrigued. 

Two experimental scientists screw around splicing human DNA with animal DNA creating a new organism named “Dren.” The two keep it a secret while learning more about Dren but when she turns deadly, they realize their huge mistake. 

This has a released date of June 4th but at this time I’m not sure if it will be select cities or what not. We’ll see. 

If you follow horror movies, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Human Centipede. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, people’s heads attached to someone else’s ass to create a…..dun dun dunnn… human centipede. As someone who is a little bit xenophobic I’m not too keen on the idea of going to other countries. I’ve been to Central America with my family by my side and I’ve been to England partially spending time with family and the other doing crowded touristy stuff. You hear in the news about people visiting other countries and getting kidnapped and so on but never could I think those people are victims of a mad scientist. Now, after seeing this trailer, any crazy thing is possible. 

I’m not sure when this will be released but I do know it’s playing by me next month! So stand by for a full review and possibly a story about me puking after I see some serious ass-to-mouth action. 

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