Friday Film Recommendations: April 2nd

Happy Friday folks! It’s been a pretty weak sauce week for me but I managed to pull it together to make this post. So enjoy! *shaking fist*

The Entity

Supposedly based on a true story, a woman is beaten and raped by a “invisible” presence/possible ghost. I remember seeing this years ago and thinking how scary it would be to be haunted but how absolutely terrifying it would be to have a ghost all up in your stuff. *shudder* 

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Star 80

If you’re like me and you’re not afraid to admit that you’ve watched E!’s The Girls Next Door, go on admit it, you watch it all the time! Well, before these new girls came along, I loved watching the show and getting a look inside the mansion and these girls’ fab life. I had a short stint as an intern for the Playboy Chicago office and I have always been intrigued by the world Playboy has created. Star 80 is about the life and death of the 1980’s “Playmate of the Year” Dorothy Stratten.  Dorothy gets mixed up with a hustle who gets her into the nudie biz then becomes jealous when her fame takes off. When she gets tired of him using her, he pulls one of those “if I can’t have you, no one can” moves. It’s pretty chilling stuff. 

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Adam West’s Tales from Beyond

I haven’t seen this one YET but I heart anthology flicks, Adam West rules. Win-Win!

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Defending Your Life

My non-horror pick of the week. When a yuppie dies in a car accident, he is sent to a judgement/in between world where he must reflect on his life in a court setting. The judges have to decide that he made the best of his life while he lived it and if he overcame “fear.” While time in Judgement City, the guy falls in love with a chick and has to make the best of things while the judges decide his fate. I can’t help but love the “love after life after death” thing. It makes me awe.

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30- Second Bunnies Theatre: Season 3

Got a minute? Take 30 seconds to see popular movies done by cartoon bunnies all wrapped up in 30 second increments. This is just in time for Easter! These shorts are the main reason why I love have the Starz channel.

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The first look into the creation of Hannibal Lector and the original Red Dragon film. Out of the entire series, this was the last one I’ve seen and I kind of wish I’ve seen it first. Good stuff. 

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Brotherhood of Blood

A blind pick but hey, it’s got Sid Haig and Ken Foree in it so on some level you know it’s going to be some what enjoyable…right? RIGHT? 

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Have a good weekend folks! 

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