Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer

My love for Shaun of the Dead opened the door for my interest in Edgar Wright. A true horror fan boy who incorporates pop culture references and gore together with loads of humor. His fake Grindhouse trailer Don’t was my favorite of the bunch and the moment that I discovered Spaced was one of the greatest days ever.

Wright has now taken on the adaption of Bryan Lee O’Mallery’s Scott Pilgrim graphic novel starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Scott Pilgrim, falls for a beautiful girl but before they can truly be together, he has to defeat her 7 evil exes.

Besides my obsession with Rock Band. I’m so bad at video games. I just love to watch them. When I was younger, my brothers played countless amounts of hours playing whatever hot video game that came out, I spent those same hours just watching. I loved it. The trailer takes me back to those day and I also love the Double Dragon meets old school Batman (POW THUMP) feel the trailer gives. It makes me very excited for this.

I’m now adding this to my anticipated movies of this year. BAM!

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