Friday Film Recommendations: March 5th

Happy Friday Ya’ll. It’s the first weekend in March, the weather here in Chicago is some what getting better AND I have movie recommendations for ya. It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? Here goes…


Best Head Explosion Scene….EVER! Don’t know what else to say after that.

This is my favorite Cronenberg movie.


I saw this movie late last year and It’s hard to put into words about my experience. For one, it was really uncomfortable. Not just seeing Dafoe’s penis but from the beginning of the movie to the very end, the content and the relationship between the couple is just odd. It almost reminds me of a modern version of Long Weekend.

Be warned if you choose to watch this, some scenes are cringe-worthy. I mean, my girl parts started to hurt. You were warned.

Dead Snow

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, I love zombie movies! I was excited to see Dead Snow, even though the trailer looked a bit hokey. I will admit, the movie didn’t 100 percent do it for me but I still really enjoyed it and the gore, bloody gore makes up for it.

Punch Drunk Love

My non-horror pick of the week.

I love to take these little moments and appeal to my girly side. I don’t visit this side too often and if you ever asked me about it, I’d changed the subject or act like I didn’t know what you’re talking about. But for now, enjoy.

I find myself to a little bit socially awkward or maybe just awkward in general. It’s nice to take a break and watch other really awkward characters in movies and think “Ok, I feel better that I’m not that bad.”

Barry Egan is beyond awkward. He’s doesn’t know how to express his feeling so instead, he just smashes shit. When one of Barry’s sisters sets him up with a shy, sweet chick, he falls instantly in love with her. And for the first time, he feels normal being weird. The love he feels for her gives him a purpose in his boring life and it makes him feel alive. Aww.

I love this movie for because it’s whimsy without trying to be cute and it’s not a conventional kind of romance story. Those blow.


Got an hour? You only really need 28 minutes to kill on this one. It’s got Corey Feldman and Tony Todd in it plus it was directed by Joe Dante. Eh?

Corey Feldman is a ghost/zombie thing/ dead rocker who wants to take revenge on those who have wronged him. It’s almost Saw-ish but without the awesome elaborate deaths.

Saw IV: Director’s Cut

Speaking of Saw. Catch up with the sequels by watching the 5th installment of the series. If you’re planning on see 6 (and I thought it was pretty damn good and not confusing) it would help to see this one first.


I saw this movie a million years ago and well, I don’t remember much about it but I think I remember being creeped out. Maybe. See for yourself.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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