Awesome Chick Flick: The Craft

Women in Horror Month comes to an end today. (Where the hell did this month go?)

And with 27 percent of the votes on the “Favorite Chick Flick” poll, the winner is The Craft.

This isn’t only a rad chick flick it’s a rad chicks flick. Every one of these witchy girls hold some awesomeness in my movie.

Bonnie is labeled a “monster” because of burns on her skin, but when she gets sexifed, she owns it.

Rochelle is tired of being picked on by a racist blonde but she gets pay back when the blonde goes bald. Hilarious!

Then there are Sarah and Nancy. They are the essence of good vs. evil. Sarah is the one with the real, true powers and Nancy just borrows hers from a higher power. Sarah knows right from wrong and Nancy can’t resist how right wrong feels.

I think this makes an awesome chick flick and maybe it was voted higher than the others because what girl doesn’t wish she had some magic Wiccan powers to better her life and eh maybe get revenge on the ones that have wronged you. This came out in the end of my Freshman year in high school and I could relate to Sarah a lot. When I started high school I was going to a school where I didn’t know anyone and I was also going to a Catholic school for the first time. There were no boys there to spread rumors about you but the girls were just as evil as the bitches err I mean witches.

There is also something there for the guys to enjoy, eye candy maybe and some chick fighting. Good times.

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Chick Flick: The Craft

  1. +JMJ+

    I voted for this because I had such good memories associated with it. It also came out when I was in my first year of high school, and two of my best friends weren't allowed to watch it with us because their parents were afraid they'd want to be Wiccans! LOL

    (In fairness, that fear was not totally unfounded. A few years ago, I had to interview some real Wiccans for a magazine I worked for, and all three cited The Craft as one of their biggest influences.)

    Anyway, I agree that “Women in Horror” Month was far too short! Do you have any idea what March is supposed to be?

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