Awesome Chick Flick: Carrie

I went to an all girls Catholic school so I know chicks can be really cruel. I was fortunate enough to have a cool small group of friends and never in my life have I been pelted with tampons. Not even at a crazy slumber party.

I also have never had anything dumped on me either (being dumped on doesn’t count) When I was in junior high, my friends and I would sit outside on the blenchers and just hang out and often we’d have to dodge bird poop. I remember once having a bird poop on my school bag and thinking that was awful but I guess it doesn’t quite match the horrifying public display of having blood all over you.

Carrie White was not as fortunate as I was. Carrie kind of sucks at life. Her Jesus freak mom keeps her from knowing the world, especially when it comes to knowing what a period is or the glory of owning “dirty pillows.” (And how glorious they true are.)

Carrie’s journey into puberty opens her discovery to the strength of her telepathic powers. She doesn’t use her powers to better her grades in school or to make her classmates like her but she uses to get awesomefied or revenge. Same thing.

At first her powers came in handy when it came to metaphorically bitch slapping her mom. She was all “Woman, if you don’t shut up your bible thumpin’ ways I’ll throw your ass in the closet with that freaky Jesus with the glowing eyes!” Ka-pow!

As Carrie thinks she’s settling into a normal teenage life: Hottie Tommy Ross asking her out, the hip, “not afraid to slap a student” gym teacher giving her a makeover and so on, she’s deluded herself from realizing it’s a trick. Oh yes Carrie, they are all going to laugh at you.

When Carrie’s at the prom with Tommy she gets at least one memorable moment before she turn into the “fire, water, burn” chick. Tommy gives a spinning good time and he enjoyed being with her. And for that moment, everyone likes her.

Then comes to king and queen annoucements. Carrie and Tommy get on stage. Tommy thinks “Yeah, I totally knew you guys would vote for me cause I’m awesome and my hair rules.” and Carrie takes the feeling of really being accepted by her peers. She broke free of her mom, let the dirty pillow breath life and now she’s normal finally…norm… *splat*

Pink dress now drenched in pig’s blood.

Carrie then kicks up her powers times 3 and wipes out everyone in the school. Even poor Tommy who was knocked out by the blood bucket. I was sad by that, he was too busy being passed out for her to imagine him laughing at her. And right before he was hit, the dude was ready to throw down!

When she goes crying to mommy who wasn’t having her devil powers, they brawl, of course Carrie wins and then, destroys herself.

Carrie became a great icon for bullies who believed in the supernatural. Yes, you can taunt and torture someone but maybe, just maybe, if you push them too far, they’ll set your ass on fire.

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