Valentine’s Day Horror Movies Pt 2

So, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Eh.
Last year I made a list of movies to watch for the holiday. This year, I’ve compiled another list of movies that have some relation to fuzzy love but of course with a heart shaped side of horror and weirdness.


What’s up? A priest, Sang-hyeon, near death has a tainted blood transfusion and turns into vampire. (Why would a vampire donate blood?) He has to battle between his lingering humanity and his need for blood.

Where’s the love? He crossed paths with a family from his childhood. A mother that is so in love with her son it’s borderline icky, the sickly son and his wife, Tae-ju. Sang-hyeon has always held a candle for Tae-ju so he puts his loyalty to his religious duties aside and falls in love with her. The love seems mutual even after she finds out he’s a vampire, but all that turns to crap once he finds out that she’s not the innocent girl he thought she was.

Things get more out of control when he turns her and her wild ways multiply. He’s constantly cleaning up her messes and grows tired of it all. There’s a point where Tae-ju’s behavior leads you to believe that she’s just using Sang-hyeon, but in the end we see that she still has that deep-rooted love for the orphan boy she knew as a kid.


What’s up? Big giant monster attacks NYC. People run around with a video camera.

Where’s the love? Rob gets into a fight with his “one night stand but wants to be more” friend-girl Beth, prior to the attack. Once Rob finds out that Beth is trapped in her apartment, he says “fuck this monster shit yo, I’m gonna save her and then she’ll forget about the fight. Score!” Ok, that’s not a direct quote but I’m sure he was thinking those exact words. Yes, I’m sure of it.

Rob’s journey to Beth’s place cost him his brother, some friends and maybe (?) his own life. But besides the awesomeness of seeing the monster, it’s sidekicks and all the flashy gunfire and explosions, Rob’s love for Beth gave him the charge to save her no matter what.

Bride of Chucky

What’s up? Chucky’s back at it again. Voodoo, body exchanging and bloody murder!

Where’s the love? Behind every Good Guy is a… Tiffany. Chucky is brought back to life by an old girlfriend, Tiffany, who is ready to settle down and make a life together (even if he is a doll). When Tiffany finds out Chucky isn’t on the same page, she locks him up and taunts him. Well, Chucky wasn’t having it and killed her and turned her into a doll too.

Though the relationship was one sided, the two still had a moment of expressed love (screwing after killing a couple) which lead to a pseudo marriage and a planted seed. It’s a crazy kind of love.

Let the Right One In

What’s up? Oskar is the nerdy kid in school that gets picked on. Once he meets his new neighbor Eli, she gives him the courage and support to stand up for himself. Oh yeah, and she’s a vampire.

Where’s the love? Well, everyone should know, I have endless amounts of passionate love for this movie. For real, ask anyone. Oskar sparks a “puppy dog” kind of love for Eli before he finds out what she is. Her past keeps her from wanting to fall for Oskar, but well, she does anyway. There is an “awww”-some kind of cuteness between them. I think Oskar is way to young to really know what love is but he’s closer to it than most adults.

And I have to mention that I’m quite the cynical and jaded person when it comes to romance and love-dovey type of shit; but I have read some debates on Eli only wanting to be with Oskar so she can use him to bring her blood and so on. My heart can’t accept that notion and I truly believe that Eli’s feelings for Oskar are 100 percent genuine. She could have bailed town and found some other skeezy perv to do her blood biddings. She connected with Oskar so she didn’t want any harm to come to him and she didn’t want to be without him. Aww.


What’s up? Cleopatra, a beautiful trapeze artist plans to marry a midget Hans for his recent inheritance. She teams up with her bone-buddy, “normal carnie” Hercules, the strongest man and works to earn the respect of the other freaks at the carnival. They plan to poison Hans and run off with his money but once the freaks find out, shit goes down.

Where’s the love? Well it’s not with the ho-bag Cleo but with Hans and other midget Frieda. Even though Hans throws Frieda to the side once he thinks Cleo wants him, she still loves him and cares for him (even if it is in a door-mat kind of way). When the two reconcile in the end, it’s undeniable that they were always meant to be together (and not just because they are the same size)

The Man With Two Brains

What’s up? A famous brain surgery, Michael, is in a bad marriage but falls for the brain of another chick.

Where’s the love? Michael’s relationship with the brain is everything he wanted in a woman. She’s smart, funny and totally cute. Minus the fact that she doesn’t have a body. This movie gives hopes to guys and gals that don’t believe that someone can fall in love with you for your mind. Har-har. (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

My Boyfriend’s Back

What’s up? Johnny is in love with school hottie Missy. He dies trying to save her and returns to life as a zombie just to take her to prom. (I can’t hold back my picky annoyance that title is misleading. They weren’t dating when he died but meh, I guess it’s for the purpose of using a song title as a movie title. *cough Lame cough*

Where’s the love? Well, he came back to life for her! As quoted in the movie some chick says “My boyfriend won’t even pump gas for me!”

Missy feels an awkward obligation to fulfill her date with Johnny, but she can’t help but appreciate his loving efforts to eat people so he can stay fresh, in order to extend his time to be with her. I’d take that over a gas pump.

Shaun of the Dead

What’s up? The zombie plague breaks out in Englund and slacker Shaun must fight his way to his favorite pub.

Where’s the love? Like Cloverfield, Shaun had a fight with his girlfriend who broke up with him right before the outbreak started. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t want to see him ever again, he wants to get her back and be her zombie-fighting hero. Also, there’s another love story here, Shaun and his babe, urr, I mean best friend, have their own loving chemistry going on.

High Tension

What’s up? Alex and her friend Celine visit Alex’s family in their secluded country home. When a psycho killer ( Questce que c’est?) stops by to kill the family and kidnap Alex; stealthy Celine must go after him to save Alex.

Where’s the love? Well, without blowing the ending, you can get some fragments of Celine’s lusty love for Alex. And also the original title of the movie is Switchblade Romance which gave me the impression (before seeing this) that the killer had a crazy, loving obsession with the girls he killed. We don’t know the killer’s history so there could have been equal fascinations with other girls before Alex. And that’s as vague as I can be to anyone who has not seen this.

Wild at Heart

What’s up? This is my absolute, number one, favorite Lynch movie. Lovers Sailor and Lula, reunite after Sailor’s released from prison. Sailor violates his probation to run off with Lula to California. This movie holds the typical strangeland Lynch touch with a “Wizard of Oz on acid” backdrop.

Where’s the love? It’s all up in your face! It’s spread all over the sheets of every hotel room this couple has been in. Ok, I’m done being vile.

The lovers relationship have endured many tests and fucked up situations and through it all, they still make it out with every ounce of love and passion they had for each other from the beginning. Sailor always gets mixed up in something bad but Lula has never turned her back on him.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ❤

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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Horror Movies Pt 2

  1. I really need to get off my butt and watch Let the Right One In. Technically I don't even have to get off my butt to do it! I think I will watch it tonight, as I'm currently waiting for the last episode of Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica and its driving me crazy! A good movie will do good to hold me over.

    I have a request. I don't know if you think it would be right for this blog or not, but I'm looking for some advice on how best to get into Lynch's work. Should I start with Twin Peaks, which I've heard gets progressively weirder, so that I'll know whether its something I'll be into or not? Or is there perhaps one if his movies that will give me an idea of the feel of it all without losing me in the “WTF is going on???” factor?

  2. I would definitely start with Twin Peaks. The show runs before the setting of the movie but I saw the movie first and it still made somewhat sense to me. I think Wild at Heart is less abstract that the others so that would be milder but Twin Peaks should give you the right feel if you want to take on more of his work.

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