Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 5th

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s this week’s FFR. Enjoy this mixed bag of awesomeness.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Two sisters, Blanche (Crawford) and Jane (Davis) live in a secluded mansion in Hollywood. Blanche is confined to a wheelchair and must rely on Jane to take care of her, but Jane is slightly demented and very spiteful of her sister’s previous success.

I remember the first time seeing this and being engrossed into the ladies’ performances than I was with the story (which is also great.) This movie is an oldie but a goody!


Another “I LOVE! anthology movies” suggestion.

Three girls are stalked by a disturbed guy they picked on when they were younger. Each story follow a girl putting them in scary situations (one story has a freakin’ clown that made me poop myself) all leading them to the final confrontation.

Child’s Play 3

Andy’s now older and shipped off to military school. He thought he escaped his past childhood traumas but nope, Chucky’s back! In this 3rd installment, Chucky gets a new doll bod then goes after Andy again. When Chucky meets a new little boy, the ding goes off in his plastic head and he decides to start anew with conquering a human body. But as every other Chucky movie, he always get interrupted and can’t seem to follow through on his possession.

Also, the trailer I found for this is 8 different kinds of awesome!

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

I had to throw in a bad movie in here or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
Throwing in another threequel on the list, Robert Z’Dar *shudder* returns as the vengeful zombie cop. A gunned down lady cop was accused of wrong-doing and Maniac Cop isn’t having it. Voodoo bring him back to life to fix the bad guys.

The Munsters’ First Season

Got an hour? Kick it old school with some Munsters! I love the quirky humor of the family and I love that the “normal” chick Marylin is the outcast. Ah, if only life was that way.

Dead End

Lin Shaye and Ray Wise start in the Christmas creepy road chiller.

When a family travels to their annual Christmas gathering, after taking a short cut and picking up a mysterious hitcher, they are led further into dark territories.


Another Cronenberg movie with sci-fi creatures and over sexed people.

A scientist studies a parasites that cause an outbreak of sex-craved zombies in his condo.

Have a great weekend all!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 5th

  1. My Dadwas a big fan of the Munsters back in the day. It moves a little too slow for my millenium generation attention span, but still has some really great cheese moments.

    Also, I remember seeing part of one of the Child's Play movies when I was little, not long after Toy Story, and began always looking behind me whenever I'd leave my toys sitting out before I walked away…

  2. The Munster came on a channel I watched a lot as a kid more so than The Addams Family so I grew to love them more.

    Haha, I'm sure Toy Story traumatized some kids to believe that those toys did actually walk around when they weren't looking.

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