Hello folks.

Here’s is where I ask you all again, if you haven’t vote (either for me or any of the other awesome blogs listed) please do so!

I made a post last week about my surprising nomination for best horror blog on Bloody Disgusting. It was an exciting honor for me to be listed amongst other really great blogs but at the time there was one blog that had a high voting percentage than the rest of us. I’ve never heard of this blog before but yet the they completely smoked us all in votes.

I’m not one for accusations but it was a little bit fishy and thankfully I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

I didn’t think it was worth pimping myself out anymore to anyone for votes if someone else was willing to go far and beyond to win this. Meh, I got hits on my page from the nomination and that’s satisfying enough for me and some new readers along the way.

Well, just a few days ago, that blog was taken off the list and now only us honest folk are left. And now all is right with the world again.

So here I stand before you and ask, if you haven’t vote yet, please do. Hells, even if it’s not for me, check out the other fantastic blogs on the list, find the one you like the most, and vote for them. It’s a great feeling to know that someone digs the stuff you write and the effort, love and wit that’s put into the blog. So yes, it take a minute or two to register on the site to be able to vote, but it’s worth it I tell ya!

Last day to vote is next Friday, Feb 12 th so you have time to check everyone out and vote, vote, vote.

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