Awesome Chick Flick: Death Proof

I have to put aside some minor annoyance with getting into this movie. As a female even I wanted to mow down the chicks in this flick (segment 2).

We have two set of hot, happenin’ chicks in this movie. The first set are laid back, pot smokin’, “keep the drinks comin'” type of girls.

I feel for these girls. All they wanted to do was cruise Austin, hang out at bars listening to great music and make out with some boys. If I had the power, I would take the kick-ass abilities of the 2nd set of girls and give it to them.

I know having these girls in the movie is important. We get to see Stuntman Mike’s ferocious desire and obsession to taunt the girls. He studied them and knew when the right time was for him to strike. The crash for him was like the ultimate orgasm and he wanted nothing more than to recover and begin his new search for more girls. We don’t know how long he’s been doing it but we do get to see his last time.

Yes, these chicks talk way too much and I’ll have to do a world-wide poll, but really, I don’t know any girls that give a shit about Italian Vogue (and for one being in the movie biz, one should be able afford to pay 27 bucks for it instead of having to split it 3 ways with other people) I also refuse to believe that some girls will think it’s ok that a mixed tape can make up for a guy you’ve been into that seemed into you, fucking another girl on your birthday. Come on!

Ok, I had to get that off my crazy confused girl mind, carrying on now…

The great thing about these girls are…they kick ass! Stuntman Mike didn’t do his stalking research when he picked the girls, maybe he would have known at least one of them was a stunt worker as well.

The best girl of them all is Abernathy. At the beginning of “Ship’s Mast” she was the paranoid, worried “mum” of the group. During the game, Abby’s taste for adrenaline starts to grow. When Mike starts attacking, it fuels her to feel angry and want revenge. The result, the girls make Mike cry like a bitch and Abby gets out all of her aggression with a final kick in the face!

I think for people who aren’t a fan of this movie or the girls, they still have to really enjoy the last scene. Just watching it again made me giddy and I had a major case of the “YOU GO GIRL!”

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4 thoughts on “Awesome Chick Flick: Death Proof

  1. I love this movie–LOVE IT. I know it's on the least-fave lists of a lot of Tarantino fans, but it's the movie that made me reconsider my previously hostile attitude towards his movie. After I finished watching “Death Proof,” I couldn't stop gushing about what a fantastically refreshing portrayal of women it was. I felt like these were women I could actually *know* and *hang out with*.

    Althoooouuughhhh… depending on what portion of the film biz the ladies are supposed to be in, that $27 mag might very well be a big indulgence! And I care about international Vogue (if only to be horrified by some of the stuff that designers and tastemakers put out there as fashion–yikes!).

  2. I know type of girls like these but as the typical Quentin movie formula of heavy dialogue, I can't relate to a lot of the conversation in the 2nd segment. (mainly the whole mix tape thing) and though I know nothing about fashion I know that Vogue is the Mecca of all things fashion so a foreign issue is like a golden ticket but i think that scene was unnecessary and I understand why it was cut from the theatrical release. (I did dig the creepy Kurt feet scene, it showed his intrigue for the girls)

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