New Poll: Favorite Chick Flicks/Women in Horror Month

January’s poll of Cyborgs vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies ended today with the winner… Zombies!

43 percent of you voted Zombies along with myself. Assuming that the majority of the voters are horror lovers, I guess maybe we are all bias for our love for zombies, but hey, I put down some of my in depth thoughts on why I thought they would win. And they totally would win.

I have to give thanks to the one person who voted “humans” I threw that option in there just in case someone believe that us normal folk, without the skills of basic kung-fu, could perhaps take back the world once the cyborgs, zombies and ninja make their attempts to take over. Thank you for believing in us when no one else did.

Now on to Feburary’s poll.

Feburary is Women in Horror Month. In celebration of this fanastic month. I’m going to rummage through my dvds and watch awesome chick flicks.

Also if you really want to get into the spirit of things check out these other awesome blogs honoring this month:

Day of the Woman– BJ is spending the month exposing the world of horror movies to her sorority sisters. Will they end up screaming and covering their eyes or maybe they’ll scream for more. Check in to find out.

Dollar Bin Horror Rhonny Reaper will be posting a Viral Scream Queen of the Day, showcasing female horror bloggers. After being apart of the Ms. Blogosphere competition, I’m happy to be apart of something else that highlights the great atributes of being a female writer in the horror world of the web. We rule.

Fascination With Fear will be focusing on female villains. And personally, I believe we make better villains than guys!

The Horror Digest is taking a different spin on this month’s holiday. She’s focusing on Black History Month but with a horror spin. I think this a great idea and there is so much to explore with black history and the break throughs in film.

HorrorBlips: vote it up!
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