R.I.P. Zelda Rubinstein

Well, it looks like 2010 is not off to a good start when it comes to celebrity deaths.

Zelda Rubinstein, well known as clairvoyant in Poltergeist, died today the age of 76 due to complications of a heart attack she had two months ago.

In honor of Zelda, I’m posting this awesome YouTube video I found of her doing a cooking demo.

And also, if you’re looking for great movies to honor her, watch: The Poltergeist triology, Behind The Mask, Sixteen Candles and Teen Witch.

R.I.P. Zelda Rubinstein

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Zelda Rubinstein

  1. Mucho sad.

    Hell it's sad anytime someone with a awesome name like Zelda dies…

    Teen Witch?

    Okay her redheaded protege' in that film was hot. Whatever happened to her? She's not dead yet is she? Or a sandwich?

    Wait, what were we doing again? Oh riiight…grieving…and we're grieving…still grieving…


  2. So sad. Just watched Behind The Mask a few weeks ago too. I'm not going to make any go towards the light references … eh … I'm going to.

    Go into the liiiiigggghhhhhtttt!!!

    Couldn't resist.

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