Another Nomination!? Um….Vote For Me!

Holy crap ya’ll! I just found out that Hey! Look Behind You! is apart of Bloody-Disgusting’s Horror Blogger Awards. I’m a little surprised by this and way freakin’ honored.

It was awesome enough to be apart of Vault of Horror’s Ms. Blogosphere contest but branching off from that and getting more exposure amongst the horror community makes my happy in the pants.

Looking at the list, I already follow a lot of the blogs listed and it’s good to see some I don’t know of because I get to read even more awesomeness.

So here’s where I fight off my internal modesty and ask to VOTE FOR ME!

First register at the site (Please folks, it only takes a tiny minute and it’s to make sure no cheats by voting too much and stuff.)

Voting ends Feb 12th.

Thanks in advance (hells, I’m happy with two votes, one being me because I already voted, ha)

And again, I have to say thanks to everyone who has supported me. I keep up with this because it’s in my heart but it’s good to know that I can write about all the shit I love about horror instead of sitting alone in my apartment talking to my dogs about it. I love them but they just don’t understand me as much as ya’ll do.

6 thoughts on “Another Nomination!? Um….Vote For Me!

  1. +JMJ+

    Hi, Nicki! =) I've just voted for you and you seem to have a respectable showing so far. I think it's time to drop more of that internal modesty of yours and get your other Horror blogger friends to campaign for you. 😉

    I'm actually serious about that last suggestion. I found your 'blog after Gory asked his readers to vote for you in the Ms. Blogosphere contest. =)

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