WTF? Commercials

Sometimes I don’t always get the marketing strategies behind most commercials. For something that supposed to make us want to buy, buy, buy, I think freaking us out is not the way to go. Here is a collaboration of some scary/creepy commercials.

Bing: Outlook Hotel

This is the most current commercial circulating today. I do love the homage to The Shining but the kid changing his voice, and the twins *shudder!*


I understand that running is a good way to get in shape and stay healthy,
but the thought of getting good running shoes just based on a theory that
maybe someone is going to chase you, is scary.
Nike make me buy your shoes for performance/millage not to out run a killer!

UPS: Clown present

I saw this over the holidays and thought “who the fuck would send that as a present?”
Then I screamed at the end. Thank you UPS for letting us know you’ll pick up anything.
Not the best example though.

Baby Laugh A Lot

If you thought Chucky was scary, this one doesn’t even compare. When Chucky is the regular “Good Guy” doll he isn’t creepy.
This doll is creepy to begin with so just imagine if it came to life! Ah!

Kinder Surprise


Palm Pre

I know I’m not alone on this. There’s just something not right with a naked mannequin-esque
woman spouting off about non-nonsensical crap. Forget the phone, she kind of freaks me out.

Crocker Jeans

I don’t know what’s worse about the commerical not quite knowing if the guy’s going to do
something to that chick’s body or the fact that she’s a ghost (?)

Dish Network

I love that this is promoting all the horror movies you’re able to watch with the Dish Network.
What troubles meis that even though these characters are put in a “nice” light, they are still
pretty damn creepy.

I think that Chucky is a billion times freakier than the original. Dude!

“My Mom Said I Could”

The thing that disturbs me is that this kid is on the path to becoming a serial killer.
First the cat dies in the washer then he moves on to killing classmates.
All because his mom is having great and wonderful sex. Tsk, tsk.

Domino’s Pizza

Holy Cross-Dressing Pedophile, Batman! Super-Freakin’-Scary!

Know one I didn’t add? Post it! (I didn’t use the Burger King, king commercials because every single one of them are scary)

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7 thoughts on “WTF? Commercials

  1. “Nike make me buy your shoes for performance/millage not to out run a killer!”

    But isn't it nice to know nonetheless? You of all people should be able to appreciate that fact.

    And great, great post. I love Youtubing random commercials…

  2. I would be all for buying shoes that would help me run away from killers and so on if only they were able to prove that I could out run them with scientific facts and endless amounts of study, not just some commercial claiming that it works. I wouldn't buy a car not knowing that the air bags work and that would save my life as well. Eh?

  3. Counterpoint in ridiculous conversation:

    The answer to your dilemma lies in two simple words: false advertising. I'm sure Nike wouldn't/couldn't have made such a claim if they hadn't extensively tested their shoes in a variety of terrifying situations, such as through the mud where the Swamp thing would reside, running in urban situations for the zombie apocalypse, and in the forest for, well, pretty much every other terrifying thing out there.

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