Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 22nd

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Here are this week’s Netflix Watch Instantly and FearNet online movie recommendations.


Another Stephen King adaptation recommendation (rhyming rules) I love that Christine, a car is a mechanical chick on wheels. She’s jealous when other girls are all up on her man and she’ll take out anyone who messes with him. The only thing that confuses me is about this whole movie isn’t how the essence of Christine came to be a car and such but why oh why did she choose to fall for such a dork like Arnie. So what if he paid for her, he shined her up and all. She had some low standards plus he was fooling around with a flesh and blood girl. Tsk tsk or should I saw Vroom, Vroom. Haha, yeah that was bad.

4th Floor

Sometimes my neighbors are a little noisy but I’ll take that over having some crazy old broad terrorizing me.

Jane decides to take a break from her boyfriend so she tries to live on her own and be her own woman. You go, girl. The only problem is, her crazy neighbor downstairs doesn’t seem to want her there. This old lady is never seen but her annoyance and will to drive Jane out is definitely known.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but I do remember a Styrofoam scene that creeped me the fuck out.

It’s Alive

I’m still pretty set on living a full life without any kids in my future. It’s Alive is just another movie on my long list of possible fears of what would happen if I accidentally got knocked up.

The Davies are expecting a bouncing baby boy, what the get is a mutant cannibal baby loose on the streets about being born and eating people! Dun dun dunnn. The father starts a quest to seek out his monster seed and destroy it but can he pull it off in the end? Watch and find out!

PS- Stay clear of the remake. It’s not good.

Dead Like Me

Got an hour? Dead Like Me came on Showtime and I fell in love with it. The show took the random, morbid deaths of Six Feet Under and mixed it up with humor and a less of a grim outlook on life/after life.

George Lass is a lazy chick who dies and enters the world of being a reaper. Instead of moving on to the other side, she joins a group of other reapers that take the souls of others before they die. George still walks earth in a different body but has a hard time letting go of the life she wasted and the family left behind. Through her death, she gets a second chance at having the real life she never had. Good stuff.

Non-Horror Pick: The Doom Generation

Gregg Araki has a knack of putting together movies that include the journeys of misunderstood, bore and angsty teenagers. To say his movies are weird would be an understatement but damn are they weirdly intriguing.

Amy and Jordon are the typical troubled teens who run into Xavier, a careless drifter dragging them in the dark world outside the norm. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll are involved but things spin more and more out of control every stop they make.

This movie is filled with awesome cameos and blood and gore too!

With the new After Dark Horrorfest coming up, I thought it be best to throw out some recommendations from the previous fest. (I have yet to watch these two so I’m hoping they are good)


On a trip to Mexico, college friends stumble on crazy cultists. Oh and it’s got Rider Strong from Boy Meets World... eh? eh? Cabin Fever? eh?

Tooth and Nail

A group of people in a post-apocalyptic world fight off cannibals. Guess who else stars in this one…. Rider Strong! (I swear I didn’t find that out till after I wrote the above, haha)

So one can watches these two movies and call it a “After Dark fest, Rider Strong, people fighting off other people” double feature. Win!

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 22nd

  1. I love Christine so much. I think people forget it's one of John Carpenter's films. I think it's one of his best. I've watched it so many times.

    Now I want to watch it. lol

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