I’m using Facebook now!

Well folks, today is a day that will be marked in history. I joined Facebook!

I feel like grandma trying to work a computer mouse but I have my reasons for staying away Facebook for all these years. One being slightly personal but since I’m using a non-legal name, that reason shouldn’t be an issue. My other reason is simply that I’m a little bit spiteful. Back in the day Facebook only allowed college students with fancy college emails. I was out of college and no college email address to boot.

I joined Myspace instead and since then have been completely faithful. I’m still “on” Myspace as far as checking messages, the spare comments and so on. I know it’s a dead zone now but still I hang on. I know the party is at Facebook. I wanted to make a fan page for my blog to get it out there more and to find other cool horror-like pages on Facebook and get to know more awesome people. So here I end up with not only a personal page but my fan page as well. Setting everything up has been a sea of confusion but I’m sure I’ll learn.

I hope this little experiement pays off but so far as I write this, I’m adding awesome people and getting requests as well. Good times.

So Facebookers, welcome me to the darkside, add me and so on and I’ll do the same.

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