Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 15th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Here’s this week’s FFR.

The Vanishing

I must admit I’ve only seen the remake but I thought it was pretty great and twisted.

A guy’s girlfriend disappears and he becomes obsessed with finding out what happens to her. He gets to the point where he can completely accept that she maybe dead but still just wants to know what happened. Her abductor finds him and gives the guy a chance to experience what she did. Dun dun dunn…. The trailer is kind of goofy but it looks similar to the remake so it should be decent.

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 15th

  1. Wow, surprising that there was an era of “boobs, pubes, tubes” in Australia at all, what with their crazy censorship laws nowadays. Definitely might have to check that doc out, is it on Instant?

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