New Poll: Cyborgs vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies

I came across a debate on cyborgs vs. ninjas vs. zombies and people were more pro-ninjas than any of the others.

Watching far too many zombie movies, I know better. My view is based on world domination so of course I have to vote for zombies. Yes, ninjas are super cool and we all wish we could be one some day but let’s breakdown the verses factor.

Zombies would win because they are viral. Just one bite or scratch and wa-la, another zombie is created into the world. Going on the “zombies are slow” side, they may be slow but in numbers they can still get you.

Cyborgs, if built right, are hard to defeat. But like all things mechanical, you can’t always rely on them for long. They break down or sometimes cyborgs develop “feelings” pfft. Also, you’d need tech savvy people to make them and a lot of time to program, test run, virus scan and so on. By the time it would take for that to happen, zombies would have taken over all the developers.

Ninjas are bad-ass and I’m sure in a cornered situation, they’d take out zombies without being touched and I’m sure they can drop kick the shit out cyborgs but time matters again here. Ninjas have to be trained to gain their “awesome” stats. Training takes years!!!

So based on the minutes if bit or hours if scratched it takes for a person to become a zombie and considering that currently there are more humans in the world than cyborgs and ninjas, we will rule the world as zombies.

Agree? Disagree? On the fence? Bring it! (and vote too)

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6 thoughts on “New Poll: Cyborgs vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies

  1. I love zombies and ninjas as much as the next guy, but I'd have to give the edge to cyborgs. Cyborgs, if given intelligence, could self-replicate, and create as many of themselves as resources would allow (read: probably oodles). That, combined with the fact that one cyborg could easily take out hundreds and possibly thousand of zombies without having to worry about being bitten and turned into the undead. There's also a question of whether zombies would even attack cyborgs in them, as their physiology may be different enough to not attract them.

    Also, the ninja's natural physical prowess and general sneakiness could likely be negated by bionics and things like heat/motion sensors etc. These cyborgs would also likely have the intelligence of a human/ninja, and beyond, which is humanity's greatest tool against the undead. Both zombies and ninjas could probably inflict some damage upon the masses of cyborgs, cyborgs really have all the benefits of both.

    Wow, that was entirely too intricate of an explanation….and I probably could have gone on for more. Good blog thought!

  2. Great point but in my mind I have to believe if zombies broke out right now they'd win just by the infection time factor. If cyborgs could replicate themselves it would still take an assload of time to prefect each cyborg and bring it into great working funtion

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