Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 8th

Happy Friday All! Welcome to the first 2010’s FFR.


Siamese sisters Dominique and Danielle have been separated yet they are still intensely connected. Danielle tries to lead a normal life as a model/actress but Dominique’s homicidal rage tends to get in the way causing her to kill a man Danielle brought home.

The murder is witnessed by a reporter living across the street and she sets out to unveil the horrible truth of the sisters.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

When it comes to my favorite Nightmare movies, the first one is my first favorite, the 3rd, also known as Dream Warriors is my 2nd and New Nightmare is next in line. Freddy has a reputation for being ruthless yet humorous. When we are first introduced to his character, we find out what he did to kids while he was alive and how he carried out his collection of kills after death. After that he became a silly menacing character. I love that New Nightmare not only broke a wall keeping the characters as themselves in real life but Freddy was scary again. No quick wit or goofin’ around. He gave me the chills again.

Hide and Seek

This is the kind of movie that maybe you saw when it came out then forget all about it. I know because it happen to me. I still remember the movie being quite decent so there!

Dakota Fanning stripes her child-like grace and wonder and takes on a darker role as a little girl that just lost her mom. She acts out using a “imaginary friend” as a cover for things that happen around the house and such but at first we don’t know if it’s her doing these things, a ghost maybe, or it could be someone else! Hmmm….


David Lynch is notorious for making films that strangely twists stories and characters and all sense of reality. That’s what I love about the guy. I think he proves that film is art and watching his movies is like looking at a painting. It’s an expression of something more than just telling a story from start to finish. Eraserhead is the perfect example of that.

Amazing Stories: Season 1

Got an hour? Watch an episode of Amazing Stories! What I loved so much about this show was not only where the stories great but they were beautiful and magical. Maybe it’s just the girl in me but I love those stories that can mix Sci-fi up with a side of hope. There are some episode that aren’t all “feel good” ones but overall the show is great.

Santa’s Slay

I know, I know. Christmas is over. I need to accept that fact, move on and wait until the end of the year before there’s any more present opening and such for me. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still linger a little bit and recommend this tasteless, awfully awesome Christmas gem.

Normally, when a movie is filled with bad punnies, equally bad acting and plot that’s pulled out of someone’s ass, you know the movie is going to be crap. But for some strange reason, all that just makes this movie work. It’s like screwing up a recipe but still having the food come out not so bad.

The movie is bad, but it’s an enjoyable bad so that’s why I have to recommend it.


What happens when Corey Feldman follows his girlfriend to college but needs a place to stay? He joins a frat that’s into Voodoo! I’m so sad that I couldn’t find a trailer or clip of this but hey, you could just watch it instead!


I rented this when it was first released and from what I can remember, I thought it was kinda awful. I haven’t seen it since so it could still stand as awful but if you’re like me and need to watch something like that to lift your mood or take your mind off of something, I’d recommend this mindless torture porn flick.

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 8th

  1. Didn't we see Hide and Seek together? God, I completely forgot about that movie, except that they said the title of the movie in the movie…and we laughed.

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