Jennifer’s Body: The End of 2009

Happy New Years All!

I’m back and ready to indulge in a new year with new movies. Today is only the 3rd day of the new year and I have yet to watch any new movies. So I thought I’d write about the last new movie I saw in 2009, Jennifer’s Body.

Jennifer’s Body wasn’t something I was at all interested in when the trailers came out because well, it looked kinda stupid. But put me in a situation when I’m on vacation with nothing to do and a day away from a Twilight Zone marathon and I’m left surfing OnDemand movies. Being at my parents house, they didn’t care if I ordered any movies so I thought I’d kill some time with Jennifer’s Body. Diagnosis… it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Jennifer is the hot girl in school that every guy wants to bang and every chick secretly wants to be. One night Jennifer and her geeky friend “Needy” (great subtly in the name) go out to see a shitty band. The band are Satan worshipers that want to sacrifice a virgin to become famous. They think Jen is the kind of chick that shows off and never puts out so they honor her as their sacrifice. Well, Jennifer’s no virgin so instead of dying, she comes back as a flesh-eating demon. Once she’s eaten, she all hot and shit but when she’s hungry, she’s weak and unattractive (as unattractive as Megan Fox can pull off) The movie is kind of like Heathers only with a demon.

While watching this, the really stupid slang and shitty dialogue made me cringe to the point where I had to close my eyes, take a deep breathe and let it pass. If I were given the script and a red pen, there was a lot of that I would have taken out to make the movie more enjoyable but overall, it was bearable.

As a girl that had chick friends growing up, I understood the strong, deep-rooted “sandbox love” friendship between Jennifer and Needy. I can’t speak personally but I think a character like Needy sees someone like Jennifer in a envious way than a lesbo way so I felt that the semi-lesbo action and tones were more for the male audience. I also feel that the choice of Megan Fox for the role was initially to draw in drooling teenage boys but seeing her awful acting playing this character actually worked.

For me, a lot of highlights were the cameos. I knew that Adam Brody was going to be in it as one of the band members and I love me some Adam Brody. I didn’t know that Needy’s mom was going to be played by Strangers with Candy‘s Amy Sedaris. I’m a big fan of Amy as well. And the big shocker for me was at the end, Lance Henriksen had a cameo!

So what I thought was going to be a painfully stupid movie ended up being a decent high school bloody gore-fest.

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