Childhood Christmas Traumas

Let’s be honest, Santa is kind of a scary guy. He watches you all the time to see if you’re bad or good and if you’re bad…. Oh shit, you better watch out! It’s funny to see pictures of the little kids screaming and crappy themselves while sitting on Santa’s lap, but for all we know, these kids could grow up all screwed up in the head. So based on that, I made a list of Christmas traumatized people.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Billy doesn’t like Santa. Why? Um because some crazy dude dressed up as Santa killed his parents! That’s why! You can only imagine how such a thing can damage a child as Billy grows up to be a semi-normal teen with an aversion to Christmas. When Christmas time rolls around, he’s forced to dress up like Santa which causes him to snap and punish the naughty.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

At the end of the first movie (spoiler?) Billy is killed in front of his younger brother Ricky causing more traumatic behavior. The cycle continues as Ricky takes over for his brother. Here’s a clip of his madness (and yes, it does included the ever so infamous “GARBAGE DAY!” line)

Christmas Evil

We all had our moment when we found out that Santa wasn’t real. The kids at school told us, we confronted our parents and they told us or maybe we pulled the beard off the mall’s Santa. Whatever which way, we dealt with it. Harry found out there was no such thing as Santa when he caught his dad in a Santa suit getting ready to pork his mom. The traumatic effect it had on Harry was when he grew up he felt the need to take on the role as Santa. He watched over the neighborhood boys and girls to see who was good or bad. And he also made toys for a living. How very Santa of him. As Christmas time approached his obsession absorbed him to the point that he went all out to become Santa. He went around town delivering toys to the good kids and taking care of the bad people.


Some people just don’t like Christmas. Maybe it’s because they are grinches or maybe they had something bad happen them around the holiday times.

Kate relives a moment on why she hates Christmas.

Tales from the Darkside: Season of Belief

I don’t know about anyone else who’s seen this but holy crap did this episode scare the balls outta me as a kid.

Parents tell their kids a “made-up” story about an evil monster called the Grither who comes to get you when you say his name. In order for the Grither to stop, the story must be finished. The parents playfully fuck around while telling the story keeping their kids on edge till the story is over.

This episode is probably the most fucked up and violent episode out of the whole series. I was completely horrified after watching this and now being a lot older now, it still leaves me a little scared.

I hope everyone has a better Holiday than these folks!

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5 thoughts on “Childhood Christmas Traumas

  1. Great list. I'd add my favorite, the Tales from the Crypt episode “…And All Through The House”, as well as the same segment from the '72 Amicus produced Tales from the Crypt movie.

  2. “No don't say its name.” Oh my god, up until two years ago, I thought I imagined that Tales From The Darkside episode. I would talk about it and then it came back on tv and it is still scary. Those parents were assholes so to quote Samuel L. Jackson, “yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell.”

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