Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 11th

Happy Friday All! Here’s this week’s FFR.

Black Christmas (1975)

I got the chance to see this over the weekend at Terror in the Aisle 3, now you get a chance to watch it via Netflix. This is definitely in the top horror holiday classics. If you dig this movie but are left wondering “Who the fuck is Billy?” I’ll give you an “approach with caution” warning if you choose to see the remake. They make an attempt to breathe life into a “Billy” character. His whole back story is pretty out there and a tad bit icky. But the original is great so it’s a must to check out.

Darkness Falls

I love how you can take any childhood icon and turn into a horror movie. In this movie, the Tooth Fairy is the one to fear. In the 1800’s there was a woman that little children would take their fallen out teeth to in exchange for a gold coin. A few years later, tragedy struck her, first a fire in her house which caused her to not be able to go into any type of light, and then she was hung. There’s a story that goes around the town of Darkness Falls about her, and she’s called the Tooth Fairy. The story goes that she can’t go in the light, and if you wake up and see her, she’ll kill you.

This is the kind of movie you watch then kind of forget about later but it’s not bad-bad. I’m recommending this because even though I don’t remember much from it, I did think it was decent enough to buy so it’s an entertaining time killer.


What can I say, this is a great fuckin’ movie! I’ve mentioned bunches of times before I’m a huge anthology movie fan and Creepshow is one of the best and my favorite.

Terror Train

Jamie Leigh Curtis and 80’s horror movies go together like pb&j. Mmm. In this oldie but a goodie, A college fraternity prank goes bad and a student ends up in the mental ward. Four years later, it’s graduation time, and the members of the fraternity decide to have a costume party aboard a train trip to celebrate their graduation. Unknowingly to them, a killer has slipped aboard to kill them off.

The Good Son

At the time this movie came out, it shocked people to see their sweet Home Alone kid being sadistically sick little fucker. I, on the other hand thought it was awesome. As someone who’s not looking to have kids in the future, I love how Mac’s character Henry, plays on a “I’m a little kid, how can I possibly do wrong *insert sweet and loving smile here*” Growing up, me and my sibling would try to mess with each other and do pranks, but nothing to the point of fuckin’ with our heads or trying to kill each other.

Mulberry Street

This movie was apart of After Dark Horrorfest II. A mysterious virus, carried by mutant rats, creates pandemonium in New York City in which rat-bite victims turn into homicidal rat-mutants. This movie centers on six tenants of a small apartment complex on the Lower East Side Mulberry Street as they fight to survive the night against the rats and rapidly multiplying cannibal mutants.

This is in the category of a “maybe it’s a zombie movie-movie.” Like the movie Black Sheep, (No, not the Chris Farley movie) people are changed into an animal and go off attacking and spreading the disease. I thought this movie was pretty cool but I didn’t care too much about the third act. I still think it’s worth a try.


During my 31 Days of Halloween bit, Bug was one of the movies I had to watch. Now that it’s available online, ya’ll can watch it too. There goes in the “this may not be for everyone” kind of movie but I thought it was pretty great and the ending still leaves me in a “dude…” state of mind.

Have a great weekend!

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