Get Your Xmas Presents Here!

Ok everyone, Christmas is two weeks away.

If you’re looking for something to get your horror loving friends or if you want to add on to your wish list, here are some suggestions:

This cute zombie doll pulls apart by every limb.

I just got this from a Secret Santa and I really love it. My favorite part is pulling it apart in the middle. Tee-hee.

Thirsty? Or maybe you need a little pick up? Here have some yummy blood. This re-usable bag comes with red liquid goo that has a fruit punch flavor and with a side of energy. This should keep you up till the sun rises.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a zombie? Being dead, eating brains, rinse and repeat. Well, you don’t have to be dead to know the tender taste of brains. Zombie mints are rotting-brain flavored to ensure you get that “fresh kill” taste in your mouth. Mmmm Mmmm.

Tired of people at work giving you crap? Try this brass knuckle coffee cup. It shows your co-workers and boss that you have edge to everything about you including your drinking style. It also gives a nice little “Don’t fuck with me!” vibe.

Forget searching Hallmark or your local drug store for holiday cards to mail out. Get a set of 10 holiday cards with artwork featuring characters from Left 4 Dead. “Season’s Greeting” or Happy Holidays” on the front keeps you from offending anyone.

When the day comes (and yes, it will come) when zombies attack, you need to be ready to shoot them in the head. Here’s a great way to practice with the zombie shooting gallery.

I love, love, love this book! The greatest icons in horror and a lot of our favorite writers, directors, actors, actresses and so on list off their favorite horror related things.

Another favorite. Horror lover Aaron Christensen aka. Dr. A.C. brings up a compiled book of essays on horror movies written by horror fans. It’s a refreshing take on movies given by people who are passionate about these movies.

Ok, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a big zombie fan. If you or someone you know is also a big fan, this is the book to get. This books covers over 250 movies between the year 1932-2008. It’s a great stepping stone for anyone who wants to build a zombie dvd collection.

If you don’t want to try your luck to win the Jason Hoodie, pfft, just buy it. The hoodie zips up over your face but has mesh breathing holes, so you can keep your face warm from the cold, or just freak the fuck out other people! Win-win.

Another way to keep warm and to show your love for zombies.

Any Dexter fans in the house? If so, you’re probably seeing this and thinking “Oh my god, I want that!’ I’m assuming that because that’s what I said when I came across this.

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Get a Fango subscription now while it’s 40 percent off!

Show your love for horror all over your walls. I ordered some pieces here to fill in some blah spots on my walls.

If you’re going to give a horror fan a great gift, do with zombie wrapping paper. If they don’t like your gift, they have to at least appreciate the extra effort you put in to get awesome paper. Eh?

I’m sure I left a ton of other things out or maybe there’s shit I don’t know about it. Post some suggestions if you have them!

Happy Shopping!

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9 thoughts on “Get Your Xmas Presents Here!

  1. Great list, but my favs would be the Zombie movie guide, the brains pin and the Jason hoodie. I really, really need to ask for the Jason hoodie for Christmas.

  2. There is a hoodie out there (I think at Hot Topic?) that is similar to the Jason hoodie, except its a skeleton. I like the idea of a hoodie that zips all the way up because I really hate the cold. 🙂

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