Chicago Events: Terror in the Aisles 3

Last night I attended Chicago’s Terror in the Aisles 3.

The triple feature line-up was Night of the Creeps Director’s Cut, The Blair Witch Project and Black Christmas.

To add on to all the greatness Creeps writer/director Fred Dekker and Blair Witch co-writer/director Eduardo Sanchez showed up to present the films.

To warm up the show and to go with the Christmas spirit, we watched the short film, Treevenge. If you watched the short The Life of a Pumpkin, it’s almost like that but with blood. I urge you to take the time and watch the whole thing.

My parents stopped getting real trees for Christmas a few years ago and got one of those fake ones. Every time I came home for Christmas I was so disappointed because I loved the way the house had that pine smell. My mother tries to compensate by lighting “Holiday” candles and spraying the house with artificial scents. After watching that short, I now appreciate my parents’ decision to keep us safe and unharmed for when the day comes that trees decide to attack.

The first feature was Night of the Creeps.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen Night of the Creeps on the big screen but I always love watch it with hardcore horror fans that can enjoy Tom Atkin’s antics and J.C’s humor and the beloved “screaming like a banshee” quote.

This was the first time that I’ve seen the Director’s Cut ending. It made it hard for me to decide on what ending I prefer but I love them all.

After the movie was over, Fred Dekker did a Q&A by producer Michael Felsher





The second feature was The Blair Witch Project.

It’s the movie’s 10 year anniversary and it’s also 10 years since I’ve seen it. We were shown the Sundance cut so in a way it was like watching it for the first time. I forgot about how really creepy a lot of the scenes are. Of course the last scene will stick with me for the rest of my life but during the night when they heard noises outside of the tent, I got the chills. The thing that’s great about this movie isn’t all the hype that was built around it but it’s “use your imagination” element that runs throughout the whole movie. We are left to wonder what those noises are without actually seeing any thing. There is one scene when they are in the tent, they hear noises and the tent starts shaking. We don’t see what’s causing it and we never really know. Also once one of the characters disappears, we later hear him screaming in the woods at night. His screams gave me shivers and my mind went to several different places to what could be happening to him to cause those screams.

I know some shaky camera work and now knowing the whole thing is fake doesn’t mesh well with people who don’t like this movie but after seeing it again after all of this time, I think it still has a strong hold on some viewers and with other similar films (Paranormal Activity) this can still stand on it’s own.

Afterwards we had our final Q&A for the night with Eduardo Sanchez.




Before the final movie we watched the short film Chemical D-12, some Hitchcock trailers and other misc trailers.

Then we were on to the great classic, Black Christmas.

We were supposed to get a screening of [Rec] 2 but unfortunately it went to a screening in New York. On the fortunate side, we got Black Christmas instead.

I love this holiday horror film because it’s so damn perplexed with a chilling atmosphere to boot. The story’s great, the killer is creepy not only because he’s skilled at dirty phone calls and lurking in a house undetected, but we know nothing of this person.

The humorous remake tried to take a shot at a back story and holy crap was it awful. I did enjoy the colorful use of family values and the attempt to try to make sense of “Billy” but yeah, it’s crap-tastic.

The original on the other hand is not. Olivia Hussey plays the role of the scared and unsure Jess very well and Margot Kidder is a convincing foul-mouth drunk. And Bob Clark is Father Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

Black Christmas was the great end to this evening and I’m looking forward to next week’s Horror Society’s Holiday of Horror fest.

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Events: Terror in the Aisles 3

  1. It was an awesome night on so many levels. The fact that I got to hang out with Fred Dekker and Micheal Felsher was one I will remember forever. Too cool.

  2. Treevenge I saw a while back. It's so awesome in so many ways.

    The horror tweens and audience of today got a taste of shaky cam horror with Paranormal but they will never understand what it was like back in 99.

    They promoted it on a website that looked real. The internet was in its infancy so u couldnt tell back then what was the what.

    BWP worked at that time, at that place and within that horror year.

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