12 Days of Christmas from ShopEcko.com

Christmas is approaching fast and it’s time to get some holiday shopping done. But wouldn’t it be great instead of spending money on stuff, you’d win it instead? Well, check this out—

ShopEcko.com’s Huge Holiday Giveaway Featuring One-Of-A-Kind Signed
Collectibles from Star Wars™, DC Comics, KISS, Playboy, Halo, and Friday the
13th. plus Free Tees and Hoodies for a Year & A Locker Full of Cut & Sew Gear

Marc Ecko announces that he will be giving away coveted, one-of-a-kind celebrity signed items and exclusive merchandise on http://www.ShopEcko.com.

For 12 consecutive days in December – from the 7th through the 18th- collectors and fans alike can enter to win a different exclusive prize each day.

The prizes will be announced on the website each day, so check back often or sign up for giveaway alerts at http://www.ShopEcko.com/giveaway.

No purchase is necessary, but people will need to reenter everyday to qualify for each day’s prize.

Lucky winners will walk away with:

• A Star Wars™ Ecko Unltd. Boba Fett hoodie signed by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in the classic trilogy); plus four additional Star Wars t-shirts.

• A Kiss hoodie signed by Gene Simmons and Marc Ecko; plus Kiss collectibles.

• A BATMAN Ecko Unltd. hoodie signed by Kelley Jones (comic book artist whose latest work can be seen in BATMAN: GOTHAM AFTER MIDNIGHT) & Marc Ecko; plus THE DARK KNIGHT collectibles.

• A Playboy t-shirt signed by Hugh Hefner and Marc Ecko; plus four Marc Ecko Playboy tees

• Free t-shirts and hoodies for a year from Ecko Unltd.

• A Friday the 13th Ecko Unltd. Jason hoodie signed by Derek Mears (Jason in the rebooted franchise) and Marc Ecko, plus autographed Friday the 13th collectibles.

• A Halo Master Chief Ecko Unltd. hoodie signed by Marc Ecko & Autographed by 343 Industries, including Franchise Development Director, Frank O’Connor – stewards of the Halo video Game; plus Halo collectables.

• Signed t-shirts from MMA legends Michael Bisping & Miguel Torres & boxing great Miguel Cotto

• A Marc Ecko Cut & Sew boxed watch set that retails for $1,000 & a new Cut & Sew wardrobe

• A Head to Toe Ecko Red Prize Pack

Entry rules can be found at http://www.ShopEcko.com/giveaway, the official online store for Ecko Unlimited, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew & Ecko Red.

The contest starts tomorrow folks, so don’t forget to enter everyday so you can maybe win some cool shit!

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