Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 4th

Happy Friday Folks! Here’s this week’s FFR!

Dead Zone

Cronenberg + King with a side of Walken= magic.

After surviving a car accident, Johnny Smith wakes up from a coma with kick-ass psychic powers.

This is one of my favorite King adaptations and I love that the movie has different layers. Johnny realizes his powers and has to deal with knowing the things that he knows all while trying to piece together the 4 years he lost. Meanwhile, there’s a killer loose in town then he has to stop Martin Sheen from ending the world. It’s a burden for one man but Johnny brings it.

This movie was also a great segue to a USA network show. I’ve watched a lot of episodes and I thought the show was very decent and the characters developed well.


I mentioned this during my Thanksgiving Horror Movies so now you guys get to see it!

American Gothic

Got an hour? I watched a lot of horror tv shows when I was younger and a lot of them stuck with me throughout my life. American Gothic is one of those.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this show so I’ll have to sit down and watch it again to see if it still gives me the dramatic, creepy feelings it did before.

Have a great weekend!