Thanksgiving Horror Movies

It’s Thanksgiving time! If you are planning on stuffing your face with turkey and pumpkin pie while watching movies, here are some of my Thanksgiving semi-kind of related movies.


Jeepers Creepers

The Creeper is a creature that has no real origins but what we do know of it is it wants to eat your awesome parts. If you have a cute nose, sparkling eyes, it’s going to want it and the only way it can get it is to eat it out of you.

I love that the Creeper is such a foodie that he goes all out to somehow get a licence plate “beatingu” showing his love and dedication.

Blood Feast

While we prepare for our Thanksgiving feast, Mrs. Dorothy Fremont wants to throw a very special dinner party for her daughter Suzette. She calls on a local caterer who promises to prepare her a rare Egyptian feast. What’s so rare about? The special ingredient is made of body parts. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


I have trouble getting my landlord to do things in my apartment without making a mess. If I can avoid calling him about anything, I try to fix things myself. In Delicatessen, the landlord is so committed to his tenants that during a time of a food shortage, he makes sure they are all well fed. And maybe it’s a coincidence that his maintenance men always go missing. Hmm?


I haven’t seen this yet, but it’s a holiday movie and it’s about a killer turkey chopping up people with an axe! Oh sweet irony! I don’t care if this is going to be the worst movie ever. I’m sold on the plot.

(Netflix owners, it’s on watch instantly!)

Cannibal! The Musical!

The sole survivor of an ill-fated mining expedition tells how his taste for gold was replaced by that of human flesh. If the movie Alive didn’t drag on so much and people sang about building a snowman, it would be this movie. Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch but the yummy Trey Parker and Matt Stone make cannibalism fun in this movie.


Young Michael starts to wonder why his parents have an unlimited supply of meat. Turns out it’s because there are an unlimited supply of people in the world.

This movie will make you second guess having “leftovers.”

Little Shop of Horrors

I will admit that I love my dogs so much that if they spoke and asked me to feed them, I run out and get some kibble. If they said “Um…no, I want to eat people.” Yeah, their sweet puppy face would drive me to chop up people and feed them. Haha, so I can relate to Seymore’s affection to his plant. And who can turn down a demanding plant that constantly screams “FEED ME SEYMORE!”

Wrong Turn

Cannibal hillbillies. I had to have them on this list somewhere, right? I love how hardcore these mutant freaks are and how skillful they are setting traps and making weapons in order of catching people to eat. I have to give them credit, if I want food, I pick up my phone and order it, they go all out for their stuff and they don’t even have to pay for delivery.


I picked this movie over the others in the series because of one specific “mindful” scene. We knew that Hannibal ate people but here we get to see him be all sophisticated about it.

And I think the last scene with the kid on the plane is pretty damn fucked up in an awesome kind of way.

Any zombie movie!

There isn’t anyone who enjoys eating as much as zombies! Their stomachs never seem to get full and they don’t have to worry about wearing pants with an elastic waist. So take any random zombie movie from your collection and let the feasting begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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