Zombie Boot Camp: Week Three

I made it to week three in Zombie Boot Camp!

I walked into class worried about what challenges I would face but little did I know, I did everything with ease. Woot!

When the class started it became apparent that I was going to be the only girl to attend against 4 hardcore guys. Two guys came in wearing high school football gym shirts and matching shorts. I will admit I was pretty intimidated. While we were stretching, I touched my toes, bent my knees, twisted from side to side and I was done with stretching. These guys where on the ground doing stretches that I thought would break their penises. At one point I kind of cringed.

When it was time to do our regular warm-ups of running laps, knee lifts and jumping jacks, this week’s class warm-up song was Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. I love my instructor’s music choices!

Our first circuit consisted of:

Trampoline jumps
Squat thrusts
Pull ups
Sit Ups
Squat Jumps
Running in place then dropping when the instructor yells “DROP!” then back up again.

For our second circuits we did:

Running to the end of the gym then back
Suspended Push ups
Bosu ball jumps
Swing a big ass, heavy rope up and down and side to side
Throwing weighted ball side to side
Running shuffles to the end of the gym and back

By this time last week I was dead, this week, I was ready to keep going.

Survival prep circuits:

Standing in between a circle of punching bag and punching and kicking all around
Bear Crawl
Swinging a weighed bat at head level
Sledgehammering a tire
Kicking a punching bag that’s on the floor in the “face”

We were supposed to do those circuits twice but in the middle of the first circuit the guys needed a break. The two football guys walked out and we had to pick up where we left off without them. Once we were done only one came back. Another one bites the dust and I still hung in there!

We only did half a circuit then did our cool down while listening to Johnathan Coulton, our anthem.

My Survival Chances: Awesome! I don’t want to gloat but when an athletic person leaves the class while I’m still hungry for more zombie slaying, speaks highly for me. I definitely stepped up my game from last week. I represented chicks very well and if zombies attacked, I’d be so ready. Rawr!

I’m really disappointed that I only have one class left. Next week we have off for Thanksgiving then the final class. But like going to school, I’m going to take what I learn into the real world.

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9 thoughts on “Zombie Boot Camp: Week Three

  1. That is awesome! Now you can protect me when the zombie apocalypse hits.

    That sucks there is only one class left. Any chance they'd do more in the future?

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