Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 20th

Happy Friday ya’ll! Here’s this week’s FFR

The Orphanage

Laura, her husband and adopted son reopen an orphanage Laura grew up in as a child. When her son starts playing with imaginary friends she thinks nothing of it till he goes missing one day. Laura stumbles upon history on the house while trying to find her son.

This movie reminded me a lot of Devil’s Backbone. It’s really creepy, some parts gave me the shivers but when it came to the story unfolding, all the creepy tension disappeared. The movie ended up being quite beautiful in a way.

The Fly (1958)

I will admit that Cronenberg’s version is a lot better than this original. But I do feel that people should expose themselves to the roots of a remake.

A long with a bit of cheese, The Fly has the 50’s flair of a sci-fi movie and hello! Vincent Price.

And unlike uncomfortable amounts of ooze in the remake, the “help me, help me” scene in the original was just enough to turn my blood cold.

Dead Ringers

Speaking of Cronenberg, in this dark psychological medical thriller, Jeremy Irons gives a chilling and haunting performance as twin gynecologists who share everything in life including women. This is based on a true story but Cronenberg added his own personal touch which makes this movie pretty great.

I must warn chicks, just looking at those handmade instruments make my vagina squirm!


This movie is a bit ridiculous but in a fun way! When I first watched this I played the “what I would do” game. Trust me, if I were that chick, my ass would have been saved within the first 20 minutes. So I would recommend this simply for the humor of certain situations of being stuck in a parking garage.

MST3K: Werewolf

Do you ever find yourself talking to stupid movies? Well, that’s the beauty of MST3K, they do all the talking for us. I’m a huge fan of the show so of course I have to recommend it no matter what the movie might be.

Hard Candy

The more times I’ve watch this movie the more I do see how slightly ridiculous a lot of what happens, seem to be but I still think this movie is awesome. I love the idea of the tables turning on a pedophile and a little boy-lookin’ girl has the power to be so malicious. What I love most is the mystery behind the girl. We go in thinking she’s going to be a victim yet when she reveals her true nature, we still know nothing about her.

Slaughter High

Remember when I watched this for The Final Girl Flim Club? Well, if not check it out to see why I would recommend this awesomely pro-wang movie.

Zombie Honeymoon

Newlyweds thinks they are going to start a care-free live together but all that chances once the groom turns into a zombie. For a low-budget movie, I thought this was a decent movie. I’m not much into romance films, but for a romantic zombie movie, hell, count me in.

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 20th

  1. The Orphanage is great! The part where they're playing the “knocking on the wall” game is terrifying.

    I met some of the filmmakers from Zombie Honeymoon at a Fangoria convention a few years ago. They were dressed as zombie brides/grooms and handing out buttons, stickers, etc. Very nice and cool people.

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