Zombie Boot Camp: Week Two

Last week I struggled with the class but then I thought that I’d get the hang of it and do each circuit with ease. Fuck, was I wrong.

Yesterday’s class only consist of 2 other people, not even throw up guy came back to redeem himself.

I practiced the crab walk at home in the tiny free space in my apartment and I finally was able to balance myself up and walk my hands and legs backwards. This was big for me since I can’t even walk backwards standing up straight Well you know what? We didn’t do crab walks! Even better, I found out that the “10 pound” baseball bat I was using last week was really the “20 pound” one. Shesh. I wasn’t as weak as I thought I was.

So I thought we would just do the same circuits again and so on but I was so wrong. So painfully wrong.

For the cardio warm-up we did the usual laps around the gym, knee lifts and jumping jacks while listening to Destiny’s Child Survivor.

For our circuits we had to:

Jump on a trampoline

Run in place

Get into the center punching bags and kick them all and keep the swinging one from touching you. (In case you are surrounded by a horde of zombies)

Drag a sled holding a 50 pound weight around the room then pull it in to you then walk it back again

Sledgehammer a tire

Bounce off a bosu ball

Pick up a 25 pound sandbag lift it over your head then touch the ground, repeat


Bear crawling with a resistant band holding you back

Holding a plank position

Hitting the ground with a baseball bat (I used the 10 pound this time)

Swinging a 50 pound medicine ball side to side against a wall

Throwing weighed yoga balls against a wall running to get them and repeat

Suspended push ups

Sit ups

Then we repeated the bear crawl, sledgehammer, bosu ball, medicine ball, yoga ball throws, push ups, punching bags and baseball as a circuit followed by our cool down.

Everything hurt. Last week was rough but this week was rough times three! It’s been 24 hours later and my shoulders, legs and arms ache. It’s a good ache but still, ouch.

I’m scared to know what I’ll be put through again on Saturday. I won’t be surprised if I have to run laps while holding a cow and dodging bullets. Either way, I think I’m improving.

My Survival Chances: I think I’m better than I was last week but I still have a long way to go to get to awesome. If I were in a horror movie, I would be the chick that didn’t seem like she would be able to fight off the zombies but being put in the situation where staying alive mattered, she would gain the courage and strength she needed to kick ass.

So maybe that means instead of sucking, I’m just cruising by which is still better than sucking.

I’m on my way to getting to a Buffy status.

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