Zombie Slayer in training

As part of research for my book and maybe to get my ass into shape, I will be taking a four week course on… beating the shit out of zombies!

Saturday morning I was breezing through my local paper and came across an article on a local gym teaching a “Zombie Preparedness fitness class.” The class offers circuits of the following:

One: Leap over and duck under a set of six hurdles.

Two: Bash in a pile of deflated car tires with a sledgehammer.

Three: Run suicide sprints, dragging a weighted sled behind you.

Four: Swing a 20-pound baseball bat at eye level.

Five: Don boxing gloves and practice punching.

The first class starts on Saturday and I’m expecting to get my ass completely kicked but that’s ok, because by the end of week 4, I’ll be the Buffy of zombie slaying. I’ve read Max Brooks’ books and I’ve seen hundreds of zombie movies, but now I will be truly ready for the zombie apocalypse.


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