31 Days of Halloween- Day 28: The Children (2008)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really a fan of kids. They scream all the time and poop themselves. Not really something I want to deal with, my dogs are enough.

The Children is yet another one of those movies that helps me solidify my choice.

A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare when children start getting sick and turn on their parents.

I thought that in general this movie was pretty good but I feel like I missed something and it made a lot of parts confusing. The children ended up infected with something that cause them to want to kill. I wasn’t sure about how this crazy virus/infection worked. At one specific part I thought it gave a girl the power to do voodoo. But for the ones that fought, the kids went down pretty easily which led me to believe that those fuckers were easy to take out.

Fine to anyone who can’t hurt a kid (watch Who Can Kill a Child? and see if that helps change your mind.) But a simple punch to the face or a drop kick to the head could have helped a lot of these people. You can take the cutest kid in the world that couldn’t hurt anyone or anything under normal circumstances but if he’s coming at me with a knife, Pow! I’d kick him in the nuts!

I think this is the kind of movie I need to watch again just to pick up on more things but I did enjoy it and there were a lot of moments where I thought “Holy shit!” so those are always good.

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