31 Days of Halloween- Day 27: One-Eyed Monster

Back when I watched Slaughter High, I made it known that I was very pro-wang so it was only suiting that I’d eventually watch a movie like One-Eyed Monster.

My friend Wolf Gnards, told me about this movie and I put it on my “must-watch” list. I found the great opportunity to sit down and watch it last night and I certainly got my fill.

Porn stars go out to the mountains to shoot (hehe) their latest movie. Ron Jeremy, as himself, gets his penis taken over an alien and well, awesomeness ensues.

At first I was getting a little pent up during the first hour. We didn’t get to see the actual penis kill anyone, it was just penis-vision and the aftermath of a kill. Boo. I know if I want to see penis, I should get some porn but I don’t want bow chica wow wow in my movies! I want blood, gore, quality vs quantity kills and yeah a little wang every now and then.

The movie is like a porn homage to the Alien films and The Thing so I had to give it props even though it was silly and a little over the top. The ending/show down was probably one of the creative things I’ve ever seen. If you see any part of this movie (*insert penis joke here*) I would suggest it be the ending.

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