31 Days of Halloween- Day 26: My Super Psycho Sweet 16

As a girl, it’s a rite of passage to turn 16. You have a big party, you hope your parents get you a car and you’re life is supposed to get better. Meh. When I turned 16, it wasn’t a big deal to me at all. I already had my licence, a working hand-me-down car and all I wanted to do is see Mars Attacks! at theater and have my BFF over for a sleepover to watch movies like Dead Alive and IT.

I’ve seen MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 show and wow, those girls are straight up crazy bitches. I was intrigued when I heard MTV was doing a horror movie version of the show. I knew they would not only mock the ridiculousness of these rich girls but to kill them off as well. SOLD!

Madison Penrose, spoiled throughout her life to the extent that she convinces her parents to re-open infamous Rollerdome for her Sweet 16. The Rollerdome once closed because a series of brutal murders took place there but as the party starts, the killer returns to get back at those pesky teenagers.

You’d think a made-for-tv movie would be kind of lame, especially one being featured on a music channel, but really it was a decent little flick.

I felt like I took a time machine to the 80’s, drop by a random video store, rented an unknown slasher film and spliced in modern terms like “W.T.F.? I was also a little surprised that a lot of the kills were awesome. I was expecting to see a little red but I thought everything would be tv appropriate. It would be the same if I went to the theater to see an average PG-13 horror movie.

It’s not the movie I would go out and buy but since it’s running on MTV all week, it was a nice filler to watch when I wasn’t quite in the mood for anything but wanted to watch something.

If you choose to check this movie out, look for MTV’s listing for times.

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