Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 23rd

Happy Friday All. Here’s this week FFR.

Body Snatchers

There have been many different versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 1978 version being my personal favorite) but I think this one is pretty decent. The thing that creeped me out the most from the 1978 version is that scream the pod people made when they caught normal people. Well in this movie, there’s a lot of that. Damn near turns my blood cold.

Machine Girl

Not really a horror movie but the amounts of blood in this movie merits it worthy a recommendations.

The life of a young, Japanese schoolgirl is destroyed when her family is killed by a Ninja-Yakuza family. Her hand cut off, she replaces it with a machine gun and seeks revenge.

Dead and Breakfast

A comedy zombie musical movie. If that doesn’t sell you there’s a great cameo by the late, great David Carradine. I got to see this at a convention and really love it. Very fun movie.

Spider Baby

I think this movie is a great depiction of a screwed up family. The “children” are grown adults but their minds have not developed to their age. They are raised by their chauffeur but suddenly a distant relatives come to break them up.

MOH: Pelts

Got an hour? Here’s another great Master of Horror episode done by Aregento and starring Meatloaf. This is one episode that made me uneasy at the end but still I’d recommend it.


A genie that grants wishes but puts an evil twist on them. Good times.

Killer Klown From Outer Space

In my opinion this movie needs to be considered a cult classic. Alien clowns, turning people into popcorn or throwing them into cotton candy cocoons. Clowns are scary enough but turn their painted faces into space creatures taking over the world, this movie is a must see!


This is yet another movie I knew nothing about till I sat down in the theater to watch it. Jeff Goldblum plays a man that died in an accident but was brought back to life. He starts seeing images about murders then finds out he’s psychically linked to a serial killer. I really love the spiritual take on the movie and I think Jeremy Sisto was so creepy as the killer that I remember I had a nightmare about him after the first time I watched this. It’s not the best movie in the world but I enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend folks.

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