31 Days of Halloween- Day 20: Hit and Run

Have you ever had a movie come in from Netflix and then think “Wait, what is this?” or “Um, I don’t remember queuing this!”

That tends to happen to me a lot. Also the habit of holding on to movies too long before watching them.

I’ve had Hit and Run for over a week now and I thought last night was a good time to watch it so I can return it in the morning (too bad I left it at home).

I don’t know what I should get into about this movie. First, it’s about this girl who accidentally runs over a guy and tries to cover it. So basically if Stuck and Creepshow 2’s The Hitchhiker had a drunken one night stand, the result would be this movie.

It was hard for me to invest too much of the plot because the movie was so damn dark. 90 percent of the time I really had no idea what was going on. That wasn’t the only thing that confused me. Basically as anyone can figure out so this isn’t really a spoiler, the guy didn’t really die and he stalks the girl to get his revenge. He goes to her house, takes her and straps her to the hood of her car and goes on a joyride. Ok fine, but what I don’t understand is, the guy goes home to let his wife and kid know he’s ok. WTF?

He was reported missing for like a day or 2, his wife was worried because he’s bipolar and has not been on his pills since he was gone (which is the extra cause of him going all crazy-like) yet his intentions is to kill this girl. He wants to bury her alive like she tried to do to him yet, he goes home for a bit. I didn’t get it. I do understand retrospective for the audience it’s for us to know that he has a mental disorder and so on but seriously, go kill the girl, then come back home and chill with the wife and kids.

I also don’t really get too much why the girl didn’t work out a logically reason to call the police. Yes, she was drinking but she didn’t perceive to be drunk at all. She was rocking out to some Modest Mouse, obeying the speed limit and driving like a sober person. There was a tire in the road, she tried to get swerve to avoid it, lost control of her truck and drove off into the woods (unknowingly hitting the guy, which we don’t know what the hell he was doing out there in the first place).

After discovering that the guy was stuck to the grill of my car, I would have called the cops and explained to them the whole tire in the road etc. I’d have to work some math and science out but I wouldn’t think my blood alcohol level would be too bad since some time has passed and living in the middle of nowhere must take some time for them to get out and such. Problem, solved.

The story was interesting but the movie was a mess. With everything that didn’t quite fit, the way too dark scenes and scene changes were followed by swipes. I think that confused me the most. I felt like the movie wanted a comic book feel but made it more of a mess.

I can’t say this was a bad movie, it just wasn’t great. Meh

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