31 Days of Halloween- Day 18: Slaughter High

My choice for today was based on this month’s Final Girl Film Club.

80’s slasher movies and high school go together like jocks and cheerleaders. It’s the natural order that the two be together and unite. Slaughter High represents the old slasher days of killing dumb teenagers in awesomely tasteless ways. Popular high school kids pull a cruel prank on Marty, the typical nerd for April Fool’s Day. The end results leaves him burnt and scarred for life, only to crave revenge.

Five years later, the clique returns to the abandon school for a reunion and nostalgic fun. Their good times are interrupted when Marty appears in a Jester mask looking for retribution.

I love movies like these because you’re not allowed to apply logic to any of the kills or how things are done such as getting a toilet to overflow with blood and a character possibly drowning in a hole of mud. Also, why are these actors clearly in their late 30’s playing high school students? (Yes, such things do bother me).

A lot of things are so ridiculous that it’s the perfect fusion for a movie to enjoy for what it is and not expect to be scared or jump watching it.

The ending left room for a sequel but unfortunately Simon Scuddamore who played Marty, killed himself shortly after the movie was released. It’s a shame though the movie does end on a good note, for Marty at least.

Not wanting to disrespect the dead but the female in me has to bring this up- During the prank scene we get to see penis and this pleased me. Not because I’m horned-up looking for free visual schlong action but because for every one penis we get to see in a horror movie doesn’t compare to the 10,704 sets of boobs I’m forced to watch during an average horror movie. Ok, I made that number up but I’m sure I’m not off by much. I find it a small victory (no pun intended) for some wang in a movie just for us girls to enjoy and guy to awkwardly watch.

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