31 Days of Halloween- Day 17: Shawn of the Dead

There have been a lot of zombie comedy movies, Fido, Dead Snow and the most recent Zombieland but in my humble opinion none of those movies compare to the greatness of Shawn of the Dead. Don’t get me wrong, the other movies are awesome in their own way, Zombieland coming in a strong second as far as my favorite zombie comedy goes but Shawn of the Dead will always be my number one.

I love that this movie starts off showing that we are already mindless zombies as far as our day-to-day mundane lives goes. I especially love how oblivious Shaun is to what’s going on till it ends up in his backyard. I don’t watch the news, I don’t really care about what’s going on in the world and if it wasn’t for Twitter, I still wouldn’t know anything about the whole Balloon Boy business.

I haven’t seen Spaced before watching this but I knew that Edgar Wright was someone that loved zombie movies and he stuck by the whole “slow-moving zombie” formula. I love that George Romero was so impressed with this movie that he gave Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright cameos in Land of the Dead.

Zombieland focuses on the rules to surviving the zombie apocalypse but Shawn of the Dead is a devoting homage to the genre and for that, I have to love it just a little bit more.

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