31 Days of Halloween- Day 16: High Tension

For anyone who’s seen High Tension you’ll either be forgiving and love it for the beautiful mess that it is (gore-wise and plot hole-wise) or you’ll just flat out hate it and drive yourself crazy asking questions just to grasp on to some kind of understanding.

I am the forgiving, lovable type in this case.

Marie and Alex take a trip to spend a peaceful weekend at Alex’s parent’s home in the country. Their first night settling in is interrupted when a mysterious psychopath kills Alex’s family and kidnaps her. Marie, whom managed to stay out of his sight, goes balls-out to rescue her bff.

I haven’t watched this in such a long time so watching it again I’ve picked up a lot of things that could potentially give away the ending but for a first time viewer, you’re thrown off to think something else. When the ending arrives and you’re like “ok that’s what I thought but…wait a minute….that doesn’t effin’ make sense!” you have to pick and choose your battles. I accepted the faults because there as really no other away around staying with original idea and not having people say “Ok, I know what’s going on…borrrinnnggg.” It’s an intense movie and well, it’s foreign too so one should expect something weird to happen in the end.

I was sold on the gore and the movie did make good on the “tension” factor. I found myself holding my breathe at some points waiting for Marie to be safe. There were a lot of those moments that kept me on edge. And I also got a kick on knowing that the camera filming a scene in the end was covered in so much blood that it oozed out later when the same camera was being used for another film.

Whether you’re one that hates this movie, doesn’t get it or won’t even bother with it, I still think this is a pretty bad-ass movie.

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