Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 16th

Happy Friday All. Here’s this week’s FFR

1. The Birds:

I think I’ve seen this more than any other Hitchcock movie. By today’s standards this movie may be a little silly. The idea of being terrified by birds pecking at your head doesn’t compare to zombies or monsters but I still think this movie still earns a respectable place in the horror genre.

This movie also plays under the “Dude, this could totally happen” scenario. Yeah, I know, it will never happen in my lifetime but I’m prepared if it does.

2. The Orphanage:

I must admit that when I went to see this in the theaters, I was expecting a completely different movie. I blame misleading marketing for this and my first viewing left me feeling “meh” about the whole movie. Trailers made me believe that this was a scary “ghost out to kill you” kind of movie. It wasn’t. It reminded me a lot of Devil’s Backbone. The movie had some damn creepy parts but when you gradually find out the true nature of the ghost’s intentions, it’s more about the beauty of the story than a crusty ghost boy or a sack head kid.

3. The Gore Gore Girls:

This is my favorite H.G. Lewis movie. I can’t recommend his films to everyone. He’s the Godfather of gore and it is a bit of an acquire taste. But being a gore gore whore, I really love it. For my non-gore loving friends, the gore is just small element compare to the humor of the movie. Worth watching.

Strippers at a club start getting mutilated and a reporter and private detective hunt for the killer.

Got an hour? Watch this Master of Horror episode about Poe’s life. Seeing this again at the Music Box Massacre I have to recommend this one in honor of Mr. Poe’s birthday and because this is really an amazing episode.

This movie reminds me so much of an extended episode of Tales from the Darkside. Cheesy 80’s horror movies like these can never really be seen as “bad.” We enjoy them, they make us laugh and they certain are better than remakes.

A family’s new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet and soon becomes the passage way to an alien world.

I’m just in a “watch a cheesy movie” mood. I haven’t seen this but watching the trailer I thought “Man, that looks so bad, it’s gotta be good!” I’m hoping that’s true.

Apart of the After Dark film series, friends visit their newly departed childhood friend’s grave and in honor of him, they dance! This act causes them to be haunted by three ghosts (no, not the past, present and future ghost) It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but other than the last 10 minutes being a bit..cheesy, I really liked it.

Happy Watching

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