Friday Film Recommendations Oct 9th

Happy Friday! Here’s this week Friday Film Recommendations

I remember when Scream came out the horror genre was in a rut. Finally this witty movie accompanied by rules broken down to survive horror movies comes along to give the genre a much needed jolt and appreciation. Scream can’t really touch movies these damn with the gore amped up and the 3-D trend but I believe it’s going to be a future classic film. Girls are going to be renting this for sleep overs and though they may figure out the killers way before any of us did when we first watched this, this movie still holds a certain stepping stone in the history of horror. It broke away from the supernatural villain and let us know, the killer could be one of us!

If Buffy were a rage-acholic, plumber and oh yeah, a dude, she’d be Jack Brooks. When Jack was a kid he watched his family is slaughtered by a monster. Now all grown up, he’s become a miserable, angry, bitter guy. Jack wants nothing more than to control his issues but when his college professor turns into a monster, Jack learns to put his temper to better use.

Maybe it’s because I’m a huge Buffy fan and this brought back some nostalgia from the show, so I really love this movie. It’s such a simple movie but it’s a great B-esque monster movie.

Did anyone see this movie and not shudder at one point? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Maybe we can see a spider in our house and not care or maybe we are the type that scream and must kill it so it’s no longer there to crawl on our faces later. Either way Arachnophobia feeds on our common household spider fear. Sure an every day spider isn’t going to kill us but how do we know it’s not going to be some special breed, imported killer spider lurking around and mating? We don’t know! This is a great movie and it’s John Goodman’s greatest role in my eyes.

Scream dissected the rules of horror movies, don’t drink, smoke or have sex. Well, Behind the Mask dissects the process of what serial killers do to kill us. Yes, we can make all the do’s and don’ts list we want and do what we can to avoid getting killed but serial killers aren’t just the dumb, funny one-liners bad guys we think they are. Leslie Vernon brings us into his world while he preps for his memorable, history-making night.

I have to recommend this movie to everyone (especially my non-horror/gore loving friends) If you look at this movie as a witty, clever documentary, you’ll end up loving it too. And for horror fans, it’s impossible for us not to love this as well. This film showed how important cardio is way before it was brought up in Zombieland.

Got an hour? Got a shit load of hours? Dexter, one of my favorite, can’t-miss shows is now available. Dexter is a serial killer with rules. The important rule is he only kills other killers. Dexter can’t fight his urge to kill so killing bad guys makes it justifiable. I have crazy love for this show and I suggest that anyone who hasn’t watched it, check out a few episodes online and see if you dig it. Great stuff.

The Romeo and Juliet of the the Living Dead series. A teen’s girlfriend accidentally gets killed, he thinks maybe the shit his government dad has been working on in a lab will bring her back to life, poof, she’s a zombie. Maybe it was the teenage girl in me back when I saw this but I enjoyed this one a lot. I’ve never seen the director’s cut so hey, maybe I’ll like it more…or else. Eh we’ll see.

I went into to this expecting to see a freaky possession movie but instead it was a semi-freaky, court room movie. I like shows like Law and Order and this movie was a lot like that only to do with an exorcism gone wrong. That didn’t change anything for me and ended up liking the movie a lot. It does have a lot of freaky moments but I thought the based on true story was interesting.

I saw this movie a very long time ago and really don’t remember much about it other than really like it. A couple looking for a flat fall victim to a crazy landlord. This Spanish flick is apart of the Films To Keep You Awake series. I may not remember much but seeing it listed online made me want to watch it again so I will and I’m suggesting it as well.


3 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations Oct 9th

  1. To Let was good. That was the one Lyndell brought over that one time.

    I love Behind The Mask. Good pick on that one.

    Didn't really dig Jack Brooks but granted I was half awake for it. lol

  2. You can't give a movie a fair shot when you're struggling to stay awake!

    I remember that we watched To Let, I remember I liked it, but if you asked me to tell you one scene in that movie I couldn't. I don't remember anything.

  3. True but I have no real desire to see it again anyway.

    Remember the couple being held hostage by the old lady in the building? That's about all I remember. lol

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