31 Days of Halloween-Day 8: Zombie Strippers

When this movie was coming out, it was said to be the “Snakes on a Plane” of the year. Snakes on a Plane got a lot of hype, but it was an awesome movie! Even if it stayed as a PG-13 movie without the “motherfucker” line in it, it I would have still loved the movie just as much as I did as a rated R movie.

Zombie Strippers was no snakes on any kind of transportation. This movie was pretty bad. I think maybe it was more geared towards men and their appeal to strippers because basically, strippers got infected, turned into zombies, then got on stage and stripped. I felt like that was 98 percent of the movie. Maybe I just don’t care for boobs since any time I want to see them I can just look down, but this movie did nothing for me. No laugh, no chuckle, not even for pity.

As a zombie lover, I can find something to love in any bad zombie movie but I really just felt like this was made for frat boys to sit around to watch, drink beer, burp, high five then repeat.

I did want to see this movie for a while and never felt it was worth my $19.99 so I got it on Netflix, filled my movie watching quota for the day and now I can’t wait to return it.

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