31 Days of Halloween-Day 7: The Forsaken

During my late high school years/college years I had the guilty pleasure of watching teen shows. I’m not ashamed to admit this because shows like Dawson’s Creek and Roswell we great back in the day and the shit on now can’t come close to comparisons.

Before Final Destination, Kerr Smith played the tokin gay kid in Dawson’s Creek. Brendan Fehr starred as a bad boy alien in the show Roswell.

Smith had a big role in FD while Fehr had once tiny scene on the plane before it blew up.

The two got together again as a duo in The Forsaken. Smith’s character Sean is driving cross country to his sister’s wedding, he picks up Nick (Fehr) for company and gas money. The two run into a chick who has been bitten by a vampire and Sean soon learns that Nick is a vampire hunter looking to destroy a special breed of vampires known as the Forsaken.

They unite together to eliminate a gang of ruthless vamps led by one of the Forsaken.

This movie is a bit mediocre compare to a lot of other vampire movies, but I really enjoyed it and it brought back my WB days.

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