31 Days of Halloween-Day 6: Trick ‘r Treat

Finally a Halloween movie that’s about Halloween! No offense to Michael Myers but killing people on Halloween doesn’t make the movie feel very seasonal.

The thing I love the most about Halloween is the movies. I love that a lot of horror movies hits the theaters and get released on dvd and I love that on almost every channel I can find a good movie that I haven’t seen in a long time or want to watch again. For horror fans, this our Christmas and birthdays all wrapped into one love-fest month.

We can sit down and watch whatever horror movie we choose but when we can find such a movie to coalesce with the actual holiday of Halloween, the experience is magically.

Off the top of my head, the one movie I can think of that screams Halloween is Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. It has nothing to do with Michael Myers but it has Halloween masks that kills people! Rock!

It’s a gift to have yet another Halloween movie that hits the heart of fans AND is an anthology movie. I love, love, love anthology movies. Trick ‘r Treat brings up four bloody candy coated stories all semi-indirectly revolved around a character named Sam and Halloween traditions.

Watching this for the first time in theaters was a treat alone. It’s great to be in the first week of October and have a movie like this in my possession and out there for others to enjoy. (Word via Twitter is that this movie is selling out like crazy!)

I have to suggest/recommend to anyone who wants to get into the spirit of the season, the right way, get this movie, wait until dark, turn all the lights off, and enjoy!

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