Dvd Tuesday: Oct 6th

A lot of remakes this week.

A quartet of creepy tales converges in this frightening film. October 31 becomes less of a holiday and more of a horror as terrors come out to play in this movie that stars Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, and Dylan Baker.

This will be my pick of the day so stay tuned for that later tonight.

I loved this movie as a kid and I’m interested to see what Alex Winter does with the 3-D remake.

Two adolescent boys find a hole in the backyard that turns out to be the gate to hell. While their parents are away for the weekend, their quiet suburban home is overrun by demons.

Like the original, a couple gives birth to a blood thirsty baby only instead of kid running off on rampage, the mother grows a bond with the child and tries to adjust to her child’s eating habits.

A band of rosy-cheeked children go on a rampage after being infected with a flu.

I watched this last week on SyFy and well, it was kind of terrible. I can’t be judgmental and not include this in this week’s releases. It’s up to you if you want to check this out to compare to the original. Ps. It doesn’t compare.

I saw this movie at a film fest and it was really fun including a “choose your own adventure” for 10 different endings.

Seventy years ago, Jacob Burkitt murdered and dismembered his entire family and cast a dark shadow over the small town of Monessen, Pennsylvania. Now Sara’s friends have decided to make her 18th birthday a night to remember by throwing her a surprise party in the reputedly haunted Burkitt Manor. As her friends set up the party, the evil within the house awakens and begins killing off her friends one by one. Does Sara have what it takes to save her friends from almost certain death or will she too become victim to the horrors of Burkitt Manor?

Happy Renting/Buying

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