Scare Tactics: New Episodes

I don’t know about most people but sometimes when I watch any horror movie, no matter how simple or ridiculous the plot may be, I still wonder “What if this really happened?” or “What would I do?” Then I brush of the feeling and just kind of know that in my lifetime I don’t think I’ll be trapped in a room with a man whom wants to make me his real life doll or having a serial killer stalk my house.

The show Scare Tactics plays on that fear by bringing us scenarios straight out of a horror movie. The show is a candid camera setting brought on by a friend of the “victim.” The victim is set up to do just an average task but things go wrong somehow and they are put in a life threatening situation.

It’s great to sit back, watch the show and laugh at these people’s reactions and see what they do to get out of it before they are told “You’re on Scare Tactics.”

The new season of Scare Tactics starts tomorrow on SyFy and a perfect addition to the Halloween season.

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