31 Days of Halloween-Day 4: Bug

For the past two weeks I’ve been dealing with the traumatic event of having fleas in my apartment and on my dogs. The thought of those things in my place drove me nuts. I spent an entire day cleaning my apartment, every thing I own and my dogs several times over… and over and over again.

I’m at a place where I think everything is ok now but I still wonder. My dogs scratch themselves because that’s what dogs do but I still jump on them to check if anything is there. Having an all black dog and a black and brown dog makes it hard to see if there is just one flea in there. I’ve had many moments when I comb through them and for a split second, I think I saw something then go back to that spot and nope, nothing. Then I think, was it really there or maybe it jumped to another spot. Those thoughts can drive you crazy.

Bug related much to what I was going through and how things as little as bugs can mess with your mind.

A lonely woman, Agnes, meets Peter, a paranoid AWOL solider whom believes that the government infested him with bugs. Agnes’ weak mind starts to experience the same delusions causing them to become crazed, frantic shut-ins.

The couple feed off each other’s neurotic behavior which drags them down a twisted spiral of destruction. 

I think this movie is underrated. It’s a great example of how fragile our minds can be and how messed up people can be when they lose their shit. Bugs are so small and they can strike when we sleep so it’s easy for someone to freak out over the idea of them being everywhere. If you’ve ever seen the Animal Planet show Monster Inside Me, you’d become slightly more paranoid too.

I think we all have that moment when there’s a hair on us and for just a moment it feels like a bug crawling on us; so to have that feeling on us over and over again, of course we are going to be a little bit more suspicious of bugs and such.

Luckily now I think I’m over the feeling that I still have fleas in my home but apart of me will still wonder if there chance there’s still one left or maybe another type of bug. *Shudder*

One thought on “31 Days of Halloween-Day 4: Bug

  1. I just watched this. Not sure I liked it as much as you guys but I did think it was good. I did like how it shows how people can even feed off of crazy people. Especially when you don't have anyone else to pull you out of it.

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