Friday Film Recommendations Oct 2nd

Happy Friday Folks. Here’s this week’s FFR.

At a time when food is rare, a landlord/butcher finds ways of feeding his tenants by serving them his hired help. It’s when his next victim falls for his daughter that things get complicated.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but I remember liking it a lot so, watch it and like it a lot too.

When I went to see this in the theaters the only thing I knew about it was, it was a vampire movie. After the opening scene of this, I knew I was going to love this movie. I also love the whole idea of posing as a strip club/bar get victims and then when it’s time to feed, everyone gets fucked up. Good times. This ranks as one of my top 10 favorite vamp movies.

I once invited a boy over to hang out and I thought it would be fun for us to watch Teeth (I have a sick sense of humor) and well after that, he never came over again. Ladies, if you plan on watching this with any guy, make sure he can handle it. Guys, if you’re watching this for the first time, prepare to cringe.

After hearing about a movie with a chick with teeth in her junk, I was sold and didn’t need to know anymore. The movie is fairly original, chomps full of fun and as a girl, hey, how am I not supposed to get some thrilled out of seeing a guy’s dong bit off?

Remember when I wrote my favorite movie scenes, one of those was the great “Plug it up” scene in Carrie. I get the great pleasure of seeing Carrie on the big screen next weekend so in honor of that I have to recommend it.

Here’s my “got an hour?” pick. Another one of my favorite Masters of Horrorepisode made by Rob Schmidt, the director of Wrong Turn. At the time that this aired I don’t think that the previous episodes did anything for me so this was quite refreshing.

After a car accident a man must choice to pull the plug on his wife or let her live. Her vengeful spirit doesn’t make things easy for him and she tries to expose his dirty secret.

Summer maybe over but that doesn’t mean you cant’ enjoy a good old campfire movie. This gem has Jason Alexander…with hair, written and produced by Harvey Weinstein and Fx by Tom Savini.

People, please don’t let you mind automatically go to the crappy Nic Cage remake. PLEASE!

I have to recommend this to everyone because even though it’s a bit dated, it’s still a great film. I love the unbreakable spirit of the main character and the creepiness of the townspeople. The ending of the movie isn’t as brutal as a lot of movies I’ve watched in my life but it still makes me think “damn, that’s fucked up.” This is also on my favorite scene list noted on Carrie.

I’ve never seen this but I thought it would be a suitable recommendation considering Roman Polanski’s currently situation. I hear it’s a decent movie so I’m going to take advantage of it while it’s available and add it to my 31 days of Halloween list.

Happy Watchin’

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