Paranormal Activity

I love watching movies but it’s those rare times when I can go to the movies to experience it, is something I cherish.
Thursday at midnight I went to a screening of Paranormal Activity. I’ve been seeing tweets on reviews and by the title, I thought it was another one of those Sci-fi (Syfy) channel shows, where people walking around in the dark of abandon building and say “what’s that?” and “did you hear that?” for the entire program.
It wasn’t till last week when I heard this movie was playing at my local theater, and for free! I decided to just ride the ignorant bliss wave and not read any reviews or even look at the trailer. If at all possible, I like to avoid such things for movies like these so I can go in with a fresh perspective.
A couple being haunted by a demonic spirit start videotaping their day-to-day routine and let the camera roll at night. It’s at night that we learn what’s really happening to them and fear for what’s to come the next.
The movie starts off a little slow. We get a feel of the couple, the strength of their relationship and we scratch the surface of this “thing” that’s bothering them. Micah is excited about having an experience, Katie who feels like it’s personally going after her, is not so thrilled.
I felt the excitement Micah had. Watching the video and seeing creepy things is like watching for shooting stars. You can sense it coming but seeing it in front of you makes it feel so much more real.
The excitement wears off quickly through out each night. Small little things become more extreme and terrifying. It’s when night falls that you hear everyone in the audience unite in anticipation while we fidget and squirm in our seats.
By the end of the movie I had chills runs up my spine and goosebumps. I thought I was going to have some paranormal activity in my pants. Even the next morning on my commute to work I was thinking about it and I was still shuddering. As someone who watches horror movies for a living I can’t say the movie “scared” me but it definitely creeped me out to the core. I have never felt so affected like this since the first time I watched Session 9.
I wanted to urge everyone I know to go see this movie, the only problem is, it’s not playing everywhere! Wa-wa. But dear horror fans, if you want to see this movie and yes, you do, demand it!
Here’s a message from director Oren Peli:

For what I’ve heard, the movie did well this weekend in the selected cities it played in so if/when it hits nationwide, go see it! And I feel lame rehashing the tagline but….”Don’t go alone!”

One thought on “Paranormal Activity

  1. Everyone should demand it (through the official website) for it to play in their area because it's worth seeing. Although I think it'll be just as effective at home watching it with the lights out. Either way I hope it gets a good release soon.

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