Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 18th

Happy Friday! Here’s this week’s Friday Film Recommendations.

Netflix: Watch Instantly

I’m surprised/happy to see this listed. Though this may be a hard movie to watch for most people, I’d still recommend it just because it’s really a powerful, thought-provoking film. It has it silly moments but still, it comes together as great original film (as I’ve mentioned before…here)

This film is dark, psychologically disturbing and absolutely fantastic. Made in 1960, this film still has a penetrating affect on viewers.

Mark, a young photographer, murders women using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror. His obsession with capturing fear and death on film roots back the abuse and experiments his father did on him as a child. I’m recommending this because not only is it a movie that horror fans should see as a 101, but anyone who loves film in general will take a lot from this masterpiece.

This movie reminds me a lot of Stephen King’s Cell which I did enjoy (though the ending frustrated me but that’s another story). The Signal is another “end of the world” type movie, only instead of earthquakes and tsunami, a signal from tvs and phones trigger people to go crazy, throw a love story into the mix and that’s what this movie is about. The movie is broken up into three acts, the second one is kind of strange but it’s all apart of essence of what’s going on inside the head of the people effected by the signal. It took me a second watch to really mesh all three acts together as a whole but I still think it’s a pretty good flick.

Before he was a star on House, Robert Sean Leonard starred in this little comedy. Though the title is a little misleading since this doesn’t take the perspective of the best friend, it’s still a fun movie about a kid thinking he’s going to get some, but gets turned into a vampire. I’m recommending for anyone in the mood for a fun 80’s cheesy but enjoyable movie.

Here’s the first 10 minutes:

For the people who just have an hour to spare, this episode of Masters of Horrors is about a virus that overcomes the male population to act out violently against females. This episode scared me when I watched it. I had a lot of “Oh man, if this happens, I’m so screwed” moments. The ending is a bit…weird but overall I really dug the episode.

I’m not sure how wide-release the remake will be but I always find it important to watch the original film before a remake. An 80’s movies with stupid teens turning into demons. How awesome is that? Another fun movie recommendation.

An old school classic slasher movie with stupid kids getting kill. Oh the 80’s how I love thee. I’m recommending this to myself as well as others. I’ve only seen parts of this so now that’s it’s available I should check out the whole thing and hey, maybe you should to if you haven’t already.

The first C.H.U.D. was a “serious” movie but this follow-up is quite the opposite. C.H.U.D. II is basically the stoner comedy of the original. It would be like comparing the scary, hardcore Chucky from Child’s Play to Chucky jizzing in a cup to a Fango magazine in Seed of Chucky. One extreme to another. This movie takes me back to the good old USA Up All Night days (where I first saw this movie) so for nostalgia reasons, I’m recommending this.

Happy Watchin’ Folks.

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